28.12.2016 Interviews: Interview with Giovanni Rotolo: „I’m really deep inside the ballet world.“

At the beginning of the season the charismatic dancer Giovanni Rotolo has been appointed principal dancer of the National Theater ballet company. The audience can see him in almost all performances of the ballet repertoire. This unusually humble, tough and hard working dancer has been proving his great talent already for the 6th season in Prague. He dances principal roles in many productions in the repertoire and is one of the most outstanding faces of the male ballet company Ballet Hommes...

By:Barbora Truksová Whole article
01.12.2016 Reviews: You Are Not The One Who Shall Live Long – Nothing New under The Sun

Autumn is always a busy period for contemporary dance companies, actually, this very season proves it again; in October alone four of our leading companies premiered their new productions, three of them within nine days. This rich dance harvest provides an opportunity to observe, relate and eventually compare; audiences can thus watch certain leitmotifs of the Czech scene. VerTeDance company presented themselves in a rather lyrical mode, their new production Flow excites us with its peculiar,...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
24.11.2016 Reviews: Flow – An Illusion of Flowing Time

Look out of the window. Watch the falling leaves, thick fog, pedestrians wrapped up in scarves and jackets, tapping drizzle, occasionally interrupted by a gust of wind. And then blur this imaginary picture, embedded in your memory, with your finger so that all the colors merge. Close your eyes and imagine music suited to this scene. A simple melody on a natural basis. It keeps on spreading into one layer after another in an intangible, floating, melancholy way as soothing as a hot tea. When...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article
14.11.2016 Reviews: Little Mermaid – Dance Under the Sea

Following The Snow Queen, who has danced in Prague‘s National Theatre since March 2016, the NT ballet company has brought on stage another heroine of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen – The Little Mermaid. Ice is melting and both child and adult spectators are moving from the winter kingdom to the world under the sea. The well-established team prepared an original ballet score with the music libretto by Zbyněk Matějů, choreography by Jan Kodet and direction by the acclaimed duo SKUTR...

By:Kristina Soukupová Whole article
15.09.2016 Reviews: Orpheus – experiment, elements, love and farewell

The famous ballet twins, brothers Jiří and Otto Bubeníček, decided to end their professional dance career this year with a brand-new piece, specially created for this occasion. Their Orpheus, variation on an Ancient myth, touches almost all senses and constantly stimulates the viewer’s imagination. The project is to be presented in several Czech and Slovak towns. The tour started on 8 September 2016 at Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds and also in Ostrava’s Gong it aroused many expectations...

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article
17.06.2016 Reviews, Tanec Praha 2016: The Black Piece or Lost in the Dark

Even though the motto of the Dance Prague festival warns us that there is no guarantee that our expectations will be fulfilled, it is still possible you will be surprised, to say the least. It is possible if you go to the Dutch performance called The Black Piece by Ann Van den Broek. At the beginning the author herself steps on a big switch. You are surrounded by darkness; the only lights are small light spots along the edge of the open space in Ponec theatre, shining...

By:Lucie Dercsényiová Whole article
12.06.2016 Reviews: Vertigo as a high-energy farewell to the season

A triple bill is a traditional format on the repertoire of the National Theatre ballet company. The new triptych Vertigo brings lyricism, cold aesthetics and crazy hyperbole in three contrasting pieces of very distinct authors – Radu Poklitaru, Mauro Bigonzetti and Alexander Ekman. It premiered on 9 and 10 June 2016 at the New Stage. Maybe it’s the holidays and restful days coming, maybe it’s the sunny weather that makes the young dancers’ blood boil, but so much energy and joy of dance and...

By:Lucie Kocourková Whole article
04.06.2016 Tanec Praha 2016, Reviews: HERO%, Cartes Blanches – Flying to the Stars and Even Higher

Karine Ponties, French choreographer living in Belgium, is well-known to the Czech audience. This graduate of Maurice Béjart’s famous Mudra dance school in Brussels and founder of the Dam de Pic ensemble has been taking part in the Dance Prague festival since 1990s. In 2001 she was present at the birth of Ponec theatre in which she later cast her choreographies. Jaro Viňarský, choreographer and dancer, or Pierre Nadaud, head of the Department of Physical Theatre and Multimedia at JAMU in...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
17.05.2016 Reviews: Day and Night with NANOHACH

The last premiere of the group NANOHACH took part on the 9th May 2016 at the Ponec theatre. Before the performance started, Honza Malík announced the end of the group. The premiere was conceived as a small farewell for spectators as well as the theatre Ponec, which hosted the ensemble throughout its existence of almost twelve years. Fortunately, there were not many sad faces during the evening, because this “last” performance turned out very well. It also seems that even though NANOHACH has...

By:Lucie Břinková Whole article
25.04.2016 Reviews: Three reviews from Spring Forward – Striptease, AL13FB<3 and Douglas

Festival Spring Forward organized by the Aerowaves network and held over the weekend in Pilsen, ended on Sunday 24th April 2016. The showcase also included a critical workshop Springback Academy, whose participants published their reviews of the shows. These short evaluations of individual works can be read on the Spring Forward website (here) as well as on Taneční Enjoy!   Striptease performed by Pere Faur “Anticipation of an idea“, “an attribute to...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
25.04.2016 Articles: Boris Hybner – we’re crying and laughing at once

The last farewell to Boris Hybner has been covered several times on our website. But eventually we decided to ask some of his collaborators and friends, who accompanied him during his professional and personal life, to write a short reminiscence. So….the last memories of Boris. We’ll all miss this clown wearing his heart and black humour on his sleeve. His work will be remembered once more on Monday, 25 April 2016 in Studio Alta, where the recordings of Boris Hybner’s theatre performances...

By:Kateřina Votočková Whole article
24.04.2016 Interviews: Aerowaves Spring Forward: 3 questions for Donald Hutera and Riikka Laakso

Aerowaves Springback Academy, workshop for aspiring dance critics, is annualy held within the the Aerowaves Spring Forward festival (22 to 24th April 2016 Pilsen). During the festival, talented writers are guided by professional critics, who provide them with their many years of knowledge and experience with critical writing. The desired output is also specific in its format – participants produce short texts that do not exceed the length of one paragraph. The organizers therefore focus more...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
18.04.2016 Interviews: Czech Dance Platform 2016: Three questions for Suzy Blok, member of festival jury

This upcoming Wednesday 20th April 2016 begins five-days marathon Czech Dance Platform 2016. Within festival, there are going to be presented chosen pieces from Czech choreographers, who have the chance to get one of prestigious awards. We interviewed shortly Suzy Blok, international member of jury and artistic director of famous Dansmakers Amsterdam in the Netherlands.   What comes to your mind when you hear „Czech dance“? As a nation, do we have any dance reputation? Czech dance has...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
08.04.2016 Articles: Master-choreographer Pavel Šmok

With deep grief and sorrow the Department of Dance and the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague has received the news that the much admired and honoured heart of our Master-choreographer, professor Pavel Šmok, ceased to beat forever. The incredible importance of Šmok’s choreographic and directorial work remains a precious artistic treasure. His work has been a source of admiration and inspiration for many years and further gathering and evaluation of Pavek...

By:Václav Janeček Whole article
30.03.2016 Interviews: Cécile Da Costa: „It is important for the spectator to be active and to find a space for its own story or imagination"

We caught performer and dancer Cécile Da Costa just before the premiere of her solo performances The Narrator, directed by Peter Boháč (Spitfire Company) and opening 29th and 30th March 2016 in Palác Akropolis. She shared with us some thoughts about her new project and her current state of mind. How much of your real self do you put into this performance? Is it difficult to reveal some personal things about you? Where is the boundary of what you share with the audience and what you...

By:Kristina Soukupová Whole article
21.03.2016 Interviews: Three questions for... Ole Kristian Tangen, guest choreographer in Jihoceske divadlo

This is your first work in the Czech Republic – how do you feel about it? Do you find anything special about dance in here compared to the Western Europe? I met Atilla two years ago and he asked me to come to the Czech Republic and I‘m just glad I did come – it all has been so nice until now! I think the company is fantastic and very open, I feel great potential in them.  I came in and started my work with improvisation, which seemed quite different from how they were used to work. I...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article
18.03.2016 Interviews: Three questions for Wojtek Ziemilski: „I find it fascinating how we are conditioned to be this or that, to function in a certain way.“

Festival of dance theatre BAZAAR 2016 is behind the door. This weekend the festival dramaturgy presents artists from central, southern and eastern Europe in three Prague venues. The programme includes also workshops, discussions and informal reunions with artists. Main topic is human identity as a personal space, which may be interfered from outside and therefore influenced. Polish-American author Wojtek Ziemilski will present his own piece Pygmalion – he says it is about communication, its...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
02.03.2016 Interviews: Andrea Opavská on Gossip, her Nomination for Thalia Award and Czech Dance Platform

Andrea Opavská is currently one of the most talked about names in the Czech dance milieu. For her solo piece La Loba she has been awarded the Dancer of the Year 2014 prize. And that is not all, this year she received a nomination for the Thalia Award 2015 for the staging of Gossip, which has been highly praised by audiences and critics alike. Paradoxically, Gossip has not been selected by the jury for Czech Dance Platform, the festival of contemporary Czech dance. We talked about this...

By:Daniela Machová Whole article
17.02.2016 Reviews: Speak low if you speak love… - When dancers’ bodies fly in the air and deny gravity

The latest work of the famous Flemish choreographer and director Wim Vandekeybus deals with love – unstable, greedy, vain and capricious - the state of our mind, craving emotions and basic, insatiable passions. Love conquers all! Crash-diving from the unmeasurable heights into deeps and often balancing on the edge of death and resurrecting again. If it turns against you, against your desire, you passionately endure the most cruel and excruciating pain. That is how the Flemish artist...

By:Marcela Benoniová Whole article
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14.01.2017 News: Theatre J. K. Tyl in Pilsen: Audition for new members of the ballet company

Theatre J. K. Tyl in Pilsen announces audition for new members of the ballet company. The audition will take place on 5 March 2017 at 10:00 AM (registration of applicants from 8:00 AM) at Nové divadlo, Palackého náměstí 30, Pilsen. Send your CV...

Whole article
11.01.2017 News: International conference Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense 1617 - 2017

The interdisciplinary academic conference on the 400th anniversary of Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense (held on 5 February, 1617, at the Prague Castle) will take place from 4 to 5 February 2017 in Prague. “The significance of this performance and its...

Whole article
07.12.2016 News: Min Tanaka and Rin Ishihara to perform in Archa

After a longer pause, the Archa theatre will host again the Japanese dancer Min Tanaka, who will be joined by Rin Ishihara. Their duet Destination of the Stone will be shown in Archa on 18 and 19 December 2016. “Representing the world’s dance...

Whole article
02.11.2016 News: Akcent Festival presents Ultima Vez‘s In Spite of Wishing and Wanting

The international festival of documentary theatre Akcent will culminate with a revived version of the choreography In Spite of Wishing and Wanting for eleven male dancers of the Flemish company Ultima Vez. “In 1999, In Spite of Wishing and Wanting...

Whole article
12.10.2016 News: The National Theater Ballet is Staging Andersen's Little Mermaid

The story written by Hans Christian Andersen has inspired choreographer Jan Kodet and duo of stage directors SKUTR - Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský to write the libretto for a new ballet. The Little Mermaid's opening night is on November...

Whole article
27.09.2016 News: Ninth Yearbook of Taneční Aktuality just published

Taneční aktuality, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has recently published its ninth Ročenka (Year Book). Its cover features the new circus artist Eliška Brtnická in her new solo project Enola. Like every year, this year’s...

Whole article
09.09.2016 News: Choreographer Akram Khan creates a brand new version of Giselle for English National Ballet

One of the greatest romantic ballets of all time, Giselle is the first full length ballet choreographed by Akram Khan and sees Academy-Award winning designer Tim Yip (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) create the set and costumes, while musician,...

Whole article
05.09.2016 News: Czech National Ballet started the new season and prepare three premieres

The National Theatre has officially launched its 134th season. During the opening ceremony on Monday 29 August 2016, Vlastimil Harapes, a soloist emeritus and former Artistic Director of the Czech National Ballet, and holder of the prestigious...

Whole article
22.08.2016 News: Fifth Mime Fest as Hommage to Boris Hybner

The fifth edition of the international festival Mime Fest will take place from 12 to 17 September in South Bohemian Polička town. International artists as well as Czech clowns, mimes or acrobats will perform and share their know-how at workshops...

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21.07.2016 News: Dance Prize 2016

L’Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona announces  the call of one of the major dance awards of the European Union, an award to help emerging choreographers and young dancers. „Anyone interested in participating should...

Whole article
01.07.2016 News: Jiří Kylián received Silence Speaks Louder award from Daniel Herman

The historically first laureate of the lifetime contribution to non-verbal theatre awards is the internationally acclaimed choreographer Jiří Kylián. He received the award – its title is translated into Czech as Ticho mluví hlasitěji - from the...

Whole article
15.06.2016 News: Musica Florea and Hartig Ensemble re-staging Ludwig van Beethoven’s ballet

The only known ballet by Ludwig van Beethoven is to be re-staged after 215 years. Musica Florea and the Hartig Ensemble present the work Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Op. 43 as a ballet entitled Prométheovi lidé aneb Moc hudby a tance. The...

Whole article
08.06.2016 News: The 13th Annual Festival Letní Letná

Letní Letná festival takes place from 18th August to 4th September 2016 in Prague's Letná Park. Daniel Gulko, who has been a long-standing presence on both the Czech scene and the festival is among its most notable guests. On August 26th he is...

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23.05.2016 News: The 28th Tanec Praha Festival starts

Tanec Praha Festival again offers range of options from 23 May to 23 June 2016 in Prague and 16 other towns and cities in the Czech Republic. Israel Galván will come to the Czech Republic for the first time ever, and the program will also feature...

Whole article
09.05.2016 News: Vertigo, new premiere of the Czech National Ballet

The Czech National Ballet is preparing a new production, this time borne in the spirit of contemporary dance. A mixed bill will present the essence of works by three distinguished and singular contemporary European dance-theatre creators:...

Whole article
26.04.2016 News: Dance Database has been launched

Dance Database, a new project of Taneční aktuality PSC, was officially presented at Meet the Artist on 21 April 2016, within the Czech Dance Platform. It is possible to register on the portal, where the basic information on...

Whole article
25.04.2016 News: 22nd Czech Dance Platform names its winners

The Czech Dance Platform this year enjoyed the highest ever participation of foreign guests, who largely decided the winner of the Audience Award. The international jury then deliberated about the Dancer of the Year and Dance Production of the...

Whole article
12.04.2016 News: Choreographic Workshop 2015/2016: Ballet NTB in the Reduta Theatre

On 27th April 2016 Ballet company of the National Theatre in Brno will play Choreographic Workshop in the Reduta Theatre by dancers and choreographers from Brno - Barbora Bielková, Markéta Habalová, Carolina Isach, Nelka Lazović, Jan Fousek,...

Whole article
08.04.2016 News: Aerowaves Spring Forward in Pilsen

For the very first time in history the festival of young European dance Aerowaves Spring Forward will take place in the Czech Republic. During one single weekend, from 22 to 24 April 2016, six stages in Pilsen will host 22 productions by artists...

Whole article
01.04.2016 News: Junior Company of the Bavarian State Ballet at the Stare Opera

For the first time ever, the National Theatre in Prague will host 26 April 2016 at the Stare Opera the Junior Company of the Bavarian State Ballet, the Bayerisches Staatsballett München II. 16 young dancers dazzling in choreographies by George...

Whole article
30.03.2016 News: Last three performances of Game Over in the season 2015/16 in the Mahen Theatre

In April 2016 (5. 4., 6. 4. and 15. 4.) Ballet NdB will play three performances of Game Over in the Mahen Theatre. Author modern performance by dancers and choreographers from Brno, Martin and Marek Svobodník and Adam...

Whole article
09.03.2016 News, Abroad: FAiTH succeeds in Washington

Psychological thriller The Black Swan, American musical The Red Shoes and Czech choreographic piece FAiTH… The Washington Post has listed FAiTH, presented in the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, among the three most realistic...

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