09.10.2018 Interviews: Bridges of Time – In honor of Jiří Kylián: “He watered us like plants and let us grow.“

“Fantastic, fabulous, amazing.” That is how three world choreographers describe their work with Jiří Kylián. Patrick Delcroix, Roslyn Anderson and Cora Bos Kroese used to work in Nederlands Dans Theater under his lead, and after many years they have reunited, this time to open a new season of The National Theatre Ballet with a premiere Kylián – Bridges of Time. This piece builds a bridge across four of Kylián’s masterpieces, over three decades. A composition of Symphony of Psalms, Bella Figura,...

By:Marie Vejvodová Whole article
11.09.2018 Interviews: Jaroslav Slavický’s 70th Birthday: “Hard work will always pay off.”

Today we are celebrating the birthday of one of our prominent dancers and classical dance teachers, Jaroslav Slavický. The former first soloist of the National Theatre Ballet in Prague and long-term director of the Dance Conservatory of the City of Prague looks back at his eventful life with the muse Terpsichore and he reveals what he misses in dance and what issues he would like to be discussed more. But first of all – Happy Birthday! Your birthday interview would not be complete without a...

By:Lucie Kocourková Whole article
20.08.2018 Reviews, Abroad: Baroque Opera-Ballet In the Swedish Style: Drottningholm and Vadstena Akademien an antithesis in approach to early art forms.

It’s widely known that reviews are hardly ever truly objective. As much as the author may try to remain dispassionate, their own experience and erudition affect their evaluation of the piece, be it positively or negatively. Moreover, this effect is intensified if the theme or genre is close to one’s heart or area of expertise. This is precisely why I avoid writing reviews of productions of older ballets and operas (from the 18th century), which I have been researching for several years. A...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article
28.07.2018 Interviews: With Filip Barankiewicz about his first season in Prague

We met just a few days before the 2017/2018 season was over. The artistic director of the National Theatre ballet company came in a big hurry right from the ballet studio where the soloists were preparing for the last La fille mal gardée of the season. “I had to give some more corrections, because some things happened the last performance and I didn’t have time in the studio to really go through them,” Filip started explaining while walking across his office still full of energy as if he...

By:Lucie Kocourková Whole article
26.07.2018 Articles: Fail of the season or a new spring-board?

The beginning of theatre holidays is the time of wiping off the sweat, taking a deep breath and, maybe unwillingly, evaluating the past season. We recall successful events and subconsciously erase and remove the less successful ones. I think that besides naming the highlights of the season we should think of the directions Czech dance should never take. Because little stumbles also are part of any creative process and our own mistakes can put us on the right track again. Our small dance...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article
25.06.2018 Interviews: Who is Honza Kodet?

The choreographer Jan Kodet needs no long introduction. However, not everybody has had the opportunity to know him personally, as an open, sincere, and warm-hearted man radiating positive energy. On the occasion of his life anniversary I wanted to turn the spotlight not on his work, but on the auditorium, where he sits and critically watches his choreographies, or on the backstage where he shares his bottomless optimism with his dancers. What do people call you? My name has many forms, it...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article
13.05.2018 Reviews: Miss America – Painful testimony of rapping Miřenka Čechová

Have you ever secretly hoped in living your own American dream? Miřenka Čechová’s new piece will bring you back to cruel reality. The performer who has managed to establish herself as an artist overseas, reveals the other side of the coin, through the character of Mckenzie Tomski. Her Miss America speaks about loneliness, separation from the family, inability to adapt in a new country where you are always a stranger and finding balance between your real self and the desired or expected self on...

By:Daniela Machová Whole article
20.04.2018 Reviews: Don Quixote – After some time, Ostrava ballet stages a classical title again

Minkus’s ballet Don Quixote has long been beating its path to Czech theatres. It was not until 1986 that it was staged at the National Theatre, one hundred and seventeen years after its Moscow premiere. Since then the title has enjoyed unceasing popularity. In Ostrava, it has already been staged three times. No surprise – Don Quixote offers light entertainment, simple but funny plot, catchy and danceable music, and impressive dancing, all that spiced by southern temperament and the well-known...

By:Roman Vašek Whole article
03.03.2018 Interviews: Three questions for Stefan Żeromski and Louise Maria Arias, assistants on the new dance program 4 Elements in Brno

The ballet company of the National Theatre in Brno is preparing a premiere of a new dance program called 4 Elements, having as its main theme “women and men, order and spontaneity”. It will offer four works by three choreographers, whose activities are closely connected to the renowned Dutch company Netherlands Dans Theater. To the stage of Mahen’s theatre returns the work of Jiří Kylián, whose Petite Mort was successfully performed there few years ago. This time it will be choreographies...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article
20.02.2018 Interviews: Interview with Anni Koskinen: “The ability of being with people, being connected, is very important for me.”

Anni Koskinen, a Finland based dancer, is currently member of the Kinetic Orchestra company and tours not only as a performer but also as a teacher, giving workshops together with choreographer Jarkko Mandelin. They focus on partnering techniques, floorwork technique, and Kinetic Orchestra repertory. At the beginning of February, they gave a set of workshops in Cooltour, Ostrava, having a mixed group of professional and amateur dancers in the studio, and the energy on both sides was immense....

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article
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08.10.2018 News: Exhibition “Celebrating Kylián!” starts this week

This year Czechs will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. In cooperation with our partners we will present a multimedia exhibition honoring our greatest choreographer and his outstanding work, Jiří Kylián. Last...

Whole article
26.09.2018 News: Pulsar’s dance celebration of 100 years of Czech Statehood

The choreographer and dancer Michal Záhora from the Pulsar artistic group presents two original projects, paying homage to the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic. He invites audiences to join him on a dance journey though the landscape of the...

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18.09.2018 News: Prague Chamber Ballet in 2018/2019 Season

The soloists of the Prague Chamber Ballet have just returned from their South Korean tour and now the company, coached by the ballet master Linda Svidró, is entering the 2018/2019 season, welcoming four new members – Tereza Kučerová, a former...

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01.09.2018 News: 6th International Ballet Competition Pilsen 2018

The Czech Dance Association in collaboration with the Theatre J. K. Tyl in Pilsen, financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City Pilsen, Pilsen region, the Czech Literary Fund and the Artist Life Foundation is announcing...

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15.08.2018 News: Special Edition 2018 is finally out!

The editors of Taneční aktuality have prepared an exclusive start-of-the-season gift for their readers – a new printed magazine named Special Edition 2018. It will be released in late August and have its premiere at the prestigious Tanzmesse...

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15.07.2018 Abroad: Opera and state theatres closed down in Turkey on Presidential decree

Turkish media report that the country’s opera, state theatres, and ballets were shut down following a presidential decree. The decree mentioned they would be closed on Wednesday night until artists and entertainment groups were “harmonised” with...

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20.06.2018 News: Filip Barankiewicz’s directorship of Czech National Ballet evaluated positively by experts

During his first season with the Czech National Ballet, its new director Filip Barankiewicz abandoned authorial pieces and gave preference to classical ballets. The technical level of the company is rising, it seems to be more compact and balanced...

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04.06.2018 News: Taneční aktuality unveils its new logo

The Internet server Taneční aktuality unveils its brand-new logo designed by Jan Poledňák. It will be officially used as part of the website’s new look from the start of the 2018/2019 season. More than twenty graphic designers and studios have...

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11.05.2018 News: Fifth MOVE Fest connects dance and technology

The festival of contemporary dance, new circus and physical theatre MOVE Fest returns for the fifth time to the Cultural Centre Cooltour in Ostrava. The five-day dance and movement performance marathon features shows from the Czech Republic and...

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29.04.2018 News: Taneční aktuality announces change of editor-in-chief

While completing the overall redesign of its website and preparing the first printed Speciál (Special Edition), Taneční aktuality shares another news – change of its editor-in-chief. Lucie Hayashi steps down after seven years and will be replaced by...

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18.04.2018 News: La Fille mal gardée, new Premiere of the National Theatre Ballet

For the very first time in its history, the Czech National Ballet will perform Sir Frederick Ashton’s choreography La Fille mal gardée. The masterpiece, whose productions have featured the world’s very finest dancers, has to date been staged by...

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12.03.2018 News: Anniversary 30th Tanec Praha opened by Jiří Kylián

International festival of contemporary dance and dance theatre will take place in Prague from 1 to 25 June 2018 and from late May, it will be hosted by other twenty Czech towns and villages. The festival will open with Jiří Kylián’s (CZ/NL)...

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05.02.2018 News: The Kylián Fund Prague and The Open Day of The Kylián Dance Archive

The Kylián Fund Prague invited professionals, friends and dance aficionados to the open day of  the Kylián Dance Archive. The meeting took place on Friday, January 12th, 2018, in the premises of the HAMU library at Malostranské náměstí, where...

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23.01.2018 Abroad: Course of the Vaganova Ballet Academy of Saint Petersburg

Official International Summer Course of the Vaganova Ballet Academy of Saint Petersburg in La Spezia (Italy), organized with La Maison de la Danse , under the Patronage of the Town of La Spezia, for ballet students and teachers,...

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18.12.2017 News: Czech Dance Database in English

The portal, which surveys the Czech professional and amateur dance and movement scene and provides basic information about the field, is now coming up with a novelty: it offers the full content of the Czech Dance Database in...

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