24.06.2017 Interviews: Three questions for... Rachid Ouramdane

On Sunday, June 25th, the Tanec Praha Festival in Ponec Theater will feature another outstanding French personality of contemporary dance, Rachid Ouramdan. His work, Tordre, fits back into this year's "Anti-Prejudice" festival. In a short interview for Taneční aktuality, the choreographer reveals the character of the work, the process of its creation and, above all, talks about the performers that are its centerpiece. „Diptyque de soli“ Tordre seems to be very private and...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article
19.05.2017 Articles, Reviews: Chipping: Visual artist´s review

Investigating what it is to be confused and consumed by a dense urban landscape, this 2014 work by Munich based choreographer Anna Konjetzky made its Czech debut in Studio ALTA this evening. Chipping employs a dynamic stage set, physically, dramatically, emotionally... in which our soloist runs the gamut of emotions from curious to confused, at ease to driven, and finally subverted to the greater forces or their world, our world. Through a series of motor drives, pulleys and cables that...

By:Ian Biscoe Whole article
27.04.2017 Articles: Prominent dance scholar Roderyk Lange died aged 87

Professor Roderyk Lange was the most prominent Polish choreologist and one of the leading representatives of this scholarly domain in the world. He devoted his whole life to dance and choreology, and his deepest intention always was to establish and develop dance research in Poland. Lange was born in Bygdoszcz (Poland) on 5 October 1930. As a six-year-old boy he was fascinated by dance, which he enthusiastically began to learn. In 1948 he commenced his professional work as a dance teacher,...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article
14.04.2017 Interviews: Renan Martins de Oliveira about his new premiere REPLAY

Brasilian choreographer Renan Martins de Oliveira is about to move to the Czech Republic and the mid-April premiere of his new piece entitled REPLAY is already his second cooperation with the Czech collective ME-SA. Their first work Let Me Die In My Footsteps joined Aerowaves network as one of the top 20 works in 2016.  It has been two years since you created Let Me Die in My Footsteps, your first choreography presented in the Czech Republic (true?) and the first cooperation...

By:Daniela Machová Whole article
23.03.2017 Interviews: Librettist Wiebke Hüster about The Three Musketeers: "Theatre is the perfect way to slip into a time machine."

Today, March 23rd 2017, a world premiere of the ballet The Three Musketeers by Canadian choreographer Paul Chalmer will take place in Antonín Dvořák Theatre Ostrava. On this occasion, we interviewed the librettist of the ballet, German dance critic Wieke Hüster. Why did you choose The Three Musketeers? Well, „The Three Musketeers“ is a story offering a lot of fascinating action.  Actually, the choreographer Paul Chalmer himself had the idea to develop a ballet around the three heroes who...

By:Natálie Nečasová Whole article
28.12.2016 Interviews: Interview with Giovanni Rotolo: „I’m really deep inside the ballet world.“

At the beginning of the season the charismatic dancer Giovanni Rotolo has been appointed principal dancer of the National Theater ballet company. The audience can see him in almost all performances of the ballet repertoire. This unusually humble, tough and hard working dancer has been proving his great talent already for the 6th season in Prague. He dances principal roles in many productions in the repertoire and is one of the most outstanding faces of the male ballet company Ballet Hommes...

By:Barbora Truksová Whole article
01.12.2016 Reviews: You Are Not The One Who Shall Live Long – Nothing New under The Sun

Autumn is always a busy period for contemporary dance companies, actually, this very season proves it again; in October alone four of our leading companies premiered their new productions, three of them within nine days. This rich dance harvest provides an opportunity to observe, relate and eventually compare; audiences can thus watch certain leitmotifs of the Czech scene. VerTeDance company presented themselves in a rather lyrical mode, their new production Flow excites us with its peculiar,...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
24.11.2016 Reviews: Flow – An Illusion of Flowing Time

Look out of the window. Watch the falling leaves, thick fog, pedestrians wrapped up in scarves and jackets, tapping drizzle, occasionally interrupted by a gust of wind. And then blur this imaginary picture, embedded in your memory, with your finger so that all the colors merge. Close your eyes and imagine music suited to this scene. A simple melody on a natural basis. It keeps on spreading into one layer after another in an intangible, floating, melancholy way as soothing as a hot tea. When...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article
14.11.2016 Reviews: Little Mermaid – Dance Under the Sea

Following The Snow Queen, who has danced in Prague‘s National Theatre since March 2016, the NT ballet company has brought on stage another heroine of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen – The Little Mermaid. Ice is melting and both child and adult spectators are moving from the winter kingdom to the world under the sea. The well-established team prepared an original ballet score with the music libretto by Zbyněk Matějů, choreography by Jan Kodet and direction by the acclaimed duo SKUTR...

By:Kristina Soukupová Whole article
15.09.2016 Reviews: Orpheus – experiment, elements, love and farewell

The famous ballet twins, brothers Jiří and Otto Bubeníček, decided to end their professional dance career this year with a brand-new piece, specially created for this occasion. Their Orpheus, variation on an Ancient myth, touches almost all senses and constantly stimulates the viewer’s imagination. The project is to be presented in several Czech and Slovak towns. The tour started on 8 September 2016 at Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds and also in Ostrava’s Gong it aroused many expectations...

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article
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14.10.2017 News: The first new production the Czech National Ballet will present in the current season is the mixed bill Timeless

The first new production to be presented by the Czech National Ballet in the current season is the mixed bill Timeless, scheduled to receive its premiere on 20 October 2017. It is made up of three choreographies. The first of them, George...

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19.09.2017 News: Věra Ždichyncová passed away

The dancer and choreographer Věra Ždichyncová died on 18 September 2017 at the age of ninety. She began her professional dance career in 1939 in Ostrava. During the war she was a member of the Königsberg ballet. In 1945 she briefly worked with...

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18.09.2017 News: HAMU opens four-term course of Dance and Movement Education

Within the system of further teachers training in the lifelong learning programme, the Department of Dance organises a two-year course (4 terms) accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (of 8 January 2015 on accreditation based on...

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13.09.2017 News: Prague Chamber Ballet’s New Season Plans

Prague Chamber Ballet is opening the new season. The company will present three new premieres shortly, it will tour Czech cities with its current productions and will also travel abroad, to Equador or South Korea. The premiere of the duet...

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23.08.2017 News: 4 + 4 Days in Motion 2017

On the one hand, the international festival of contemporary art 4 + 4 Days in Motion annually brings to Prague the hottest theatre and dance projects, often merging diverse genres and multimedia. On the other hand, it always chooses as its centre...

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18.07.2017 Abroad: Ohad Naharin to step down as artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company

Over the weekend, internationally renowned choreographer Ohad Naharin informed the public that he will be stepping down from his longtime post as artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Naharin took up the reins of Batsheva 27 years ago, during...

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15.07.2017 News: Spitfire Company celebrates 10th Anniversary with Adaptation of Svetlana Alexievich’s Book

Spitfire Company, which in the recent years has created projects such as One Step Before the Fall, Antiwords or Animal Exitus, celebrates 10 years of its existence with a brand-new project. The world premiere of the adaptation of the book Doba...

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09.06.2017 News: 25th Anniversary of Duncan Centre Conservatory

Duncan Centre Conservatory is celebrating its 25th anniversary and also 140th birthday of the great American dance reformer Isadora Duncan. The program of the celebrations starting on 27 June 2017 provides Prague audiences with many performances...

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22.05.2017 News: Solo for the Two of Us by Petr Zuska

The National Theatre Ballet Company closes this season with a new premiere - Solo for the Two of Us - choreographed by Petr Zuska. As the title implies, the author refers to his previous ballet Brel – Vysockij – Kryl/Solo for Three, which is...

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20.04.2017 News: Laterna Magika’s Wonderful Circus celebrates 40 years from premiere

On 15 April 2017, Kouzelný cirkus (The Wonderful Circus) celebrated 40 years from its premiere in 1977. The anniversary will be commemorated by a gala performance on 21 April, attended by many dancers and contemporaries. The story about a journey...

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29.03.2017 News: Letní Letná 2017 revealed its programme

The 14th edition of the Letní Letná festival will take place from 17 August to 3 September at Letenské sady, Prague. The festival will host an array of international companies, from Europe and overseas, but also the best of the Czech scene. More...

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22.02.2017 News: National Theatre Ballet in Season 2017/2018

The National Theatre Ballet, under the leadership of the new Artistic Director Filip Barankiewicz, prepares for the 2017/2018 season three new titles and a revived premiere of Youri Vàmos‘s much-loved choreography Louskáček – Vánoční příběh (The...

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28.01.2017 Abroad: Be part of Springback Academy on Spring Forward 2017

The first pilot version of the Springback Academy took place during the Spring Forward festival in Umeå in 2014; a second, extended version was held during Spring Forward in Barcelona in 2015, and a third, in Pilsen in 2016. Once again, in 2017,...

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14.01.2017 News: Theatre J. K. Tyl in Pilsen: Audition for new members of the ballet company

Theatre J. K. Tyl in Pilsen announces audition for new members of the ballet company. The audition will take place on 5 March 2017 at 10:00 AM (registration of applicants from 8:00 AM) at Nové divadlo, Palackého náměstí 30, Pilsen. Send your CV...

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11.01.2017 News: International conference Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense 1617 - 2017

The interdisciplinary academic conference on the 400th anniversary of Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense (held on 5 February, 1617, at the Prague Castle) will take place from 4 to 5 February 2017 in Prague. “The significance of this performance and its...

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