20.02.2018 Interviews: Interview with Anni Koskinen: “The ability of being with people, being connected, is very important for me.”

Anni Koskinen, a Finland based dancer, is currently member of the Kinetic Orchestra company and tours not only as a performer but also as a teacher, giving workshops together with choreographer Jarkko Mandelin. They focus on partnering techniques, floorwork technique, and Kinetic Orchestra repertory. At the beginning of February, they gave a set of workshops in Cooltour, Ostrava, having a mixed group of professional and amateur dancers in the studio, and the energy on both sides was immense....

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article
14.01.2018 Interviews: Ladislava Petišková: “Pantomime is about thinking and feeling.”

On the occasion of the life anniversary of Ladislava Petišková, who celebrated her 75th birthday on 3 January 2017, I met this leading theatre theorist and pedagogue to look back at the discipline which is her primary domain. Her long-time interest in pantomime has brought theatre theory reflection into the field, even in times when it did not enjoy the limelight – in the 1990’s and at the turn of the millennium. Now pantomime is gaining back its popularity, mainly thanks to Radim Vizváry’s...

By:Alexej Byček Whole article
17.12.2017 Reviews: Pojďme na tanec! (Let’s Dance!) – Entertaining manual of contemporary dance

Pojďme na tanec! (Let’s Dance!) is not just an invitation but also a title of a new production of the VerTeDance ensemble. In cooperation with the director Petra Tejnorová and dramaturg Marta Ljubková, the company created a piece based on an annotation Brief Manual for Anxious Audiences. With subtle irony, they describe contemporary dance as an “endangered species”. I don’t share their opinion, though. On the contrary, over the past decade the number of contemporary dance productions and...

By:Daniela Machová Whole article
07.12.2017 Interviews: Three questions for Ivan Dunovský, Intendant of the Prague Chamber Ballet - Phenomenon Šmok still without successor

On the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the late Pavel Šmok, there are many questions about the existence and future of the ensemble that changed the direction of the Czech dance of the last century. Intendant Ivan Dunovský is still looking for an artistic director and finance to keep the legacy of Pavel Šmok alive.   I think the general public is particularly interested in whether the autumn open competition for Šmok’s successor – the new artistic director of PCB – has been...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article
06.11.2017 Reviews: Amazons – Women as merciless predators

La Fabrika theatre hosted a premiere of a new piece by Lenka Vagnerová, choreographerwho has been beaming talent since the very beginning of her career. Her company’s productions belong to the best of Czech alternative dance scene where Vágnerová is an unmistakeable personality, thanks to her characteristic choreographic style. If we should define Vágnerová’s genre inclinations, the newly premiered Amazons (in Greek mythology they are a mythic nation of women warriors) proves that Vágnerová...

By:Lucie Dercsenyiová Whole article
01.11.2017 Interviews: Interview with Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena: The music inspires me...

The premiere of Rain Dogs, a piece by the Swedish choreographer Johan Inger, is coming soon to Ostrava’s National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, as part of the mixed-bill All That Jazz, Rock and Blues. Harmonised beautifully with Tom Wait’s music – a fusion of “blues, jazz, rock, chanson, urban folk and poetic lyrics” (Ondřej Hricka for - the choreography uses the daring language of contemporary dance, dance theatre, plus all the nuances of the author’s personal style.  The...

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article
24.10.2017 Reviews: Timeless: Dance load for performers and spectators

In English, “timeless” means never changing in time, and so the title of the new premiere of the National Theatre ballet company, under the direction of Filip Barankiewicz, brings a lot of admiration for the choreographic jewels of the past that will surely outlive us all. The bill consists of three pieces – the first one is George Balanchine’s legendary Serenade with the music score by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Serenade for Strings in C), presented for the first time in Prague; the second...

By:Marcela Benoniová Whole article
15.10.2017 Reviews: Nothing Sad – On Ephemerality in Ephemeral Way

In the synopsis to the new production, the creative team refers to Johannes Kepler’s essay On Six-Cornered Snowflake which the astronomer wrote as a New Year’s gift to his benefactor and subtitled it “a catchy reading about nothing”. Like a snowflake, dance is ephemeral. In a second it appears and vanishes. The artists seem to be battling this fact and the conventional expectations. The piece is thus full of interesting paradoxes. The evanescent traces of dancers’ moves are uncompromisingly...

By:Daniela Machová Whole article
04.10.2017 Interviews: Eva Blažíčková: “You just need to go for it and struggle for truth.”

We interviewed Eva Blažíčková on the occasion of Duncan Centre Conservatory’s anniversary, as this year it opens its doors for the 25th time. Blažíčková’s life achievement was a result of a long-time effort which took a concrete form soon after the Velvet Revolution, in 1992. For me, personally (and I believe that I am not the only one) this conservatory is a place of great importance because it was right there Mrs Blažíčková managed to persuade me that dance had a solid position in today’s...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article
14.09.2017 Reports: Meeting with Filip Barankiewicz: "All my life I have done what I love.“

A small press conference took place on Tuesday September 12th 2017 in Café Nona of the Nova Scena Narodniho Divadla v Praze, featuring new artistic director of National Theatre ballet company, Fillip Barankiewicz and few journalists. The pleasant former soloist of Stuttgart ballet took the time off his full agenda, came rushing in from the staging meeting regarding “Marna opatrnost”, a production to be put on in April 2018, and after answering a couple of questions, took off for the theatre...

By:Monika Čižmáriková Whole article
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23.01.2018 Abroad: Course of the Vaganova Ballet Academy of Saint Petersburg

Official International Summer Course of the Vaganova Ballet Academy of Saint Petersburg in La Spezia (Italy), organized with La Maison de la Danse , under the Patronage of the Town of La Spezia, for ballet students and teachers,...

Whole article
18.12.2017 News: Czech Dance Database in English

The portal, which surveys the Czech professional and amateur dance and movement scene and provides basic information about the field, is now coming up with a novelty: it offers the full content of the Czech Dance Database in...

Whole article
08.12.2017 News: Věra Ondrašíková and Ikue Mori are scheduled to cooperate in the 8th instalment of Prague-New York Effects

Czech dancer and choreographer Věra Ondrašíková and American musician Ikue Mori performed together on December 1st, 2017 at the Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan. On December 11th, 2017 they are going to perform in front of Czech audiences at...

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09.11.2017 News: New Europe 2017 Festival and the Jarmila Jeřábková Award

The international contemporary dance festival with a choreography competition will take place during November 19 and 24, 2017. Aleš Březina will serve as the main composer for this 15th annual festival. “Celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of...

Whole article
24.10.2017 News: New jubilee yearbook „Ročenka“ is out in the stores

In specified shops, you can now find the fresh out Ročenka by Taneční aktuality for the years 2016 and 2017. Its cover is taken up by Radim Vizváry, an eminent performer in the field of Czech pantomime and bearer of Thalia Award 2016 for the...

Whole article
14.10.2017 News: The first new production the Czech National Ballet will present in the current season is the mixed bill Timeless

The first new production to be presented by the Czech National Ballet in the current season is the mixed bill Timeless, scheduled to receive its premiere on 20 October 2017. It is made up of three choreographies. The first of them, George...

Whole article
19.09.2017 News: Věra Ždichyncová passed away

The dancer and choreographer Věra Ždichyncová died on 18 September 2017 at the age of ninety. She began her professional dance career in 1939 in Ostrava. During the war she was a member of the Königsberg ballet. In 1945 she briefly worked with...

Whole article
18.09.2017 News: HAMU opens four-term course of Dance and Movement Education

Within the system of further teachers training in the lifelong learning programme, the Department of Dance organises a two-year course (4 terms) accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (of 8 January 2015 on accreditation based on...

Whole article
13.09.2017 News: Prague Chamber Ballet’s New Season Plans

Prague Chamber Ballet is opening the new season. The company will present three new premieres shortly, it will tour Czech cities with its current productions and will also travel abroad, to Equador or South Korea. The premiere of the duet...

Whole article
23.08.2017 News: 4 + 4 Days in Motion 2017

On the one hand, the international festival of contemporary art 4 + 4 Days in Motion annually brings to Prague the hottest theatre and dance projects, often merging diverse genres and multimedia. On the other hand, it always chooses as its centre...

Whole article
18.07.2017 Abroad: Ohad Naharin to step down as artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company

Over the weekend, internationally renowned choreographer Ohad Naharin informed the public that he will be stepping down from his longtime post as artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Naharin took up the reins of Batsheva 27 years ago, during...

Whole article
15.07.2017 News: Spitfire Company celebrates 10th Anniversary with Adaptation of Svetlana Alexievich’s Book

Spitfire Company, which in the recent years has created projects such as One Step Before the Fall, Antiwords or Animal Exitus, celebrates 10 years of its existence with a brand-new project. The world premiere of the adaptation of the book Doba...

Whole article
09.06.2017 News: 25th Anniversary of Duncan Centre Conservatory

Duncan Centre Conservatory is celebrating its 25th anniversary and also 140th birthday of the great American dance reformer Isadora Duncan. The program of the celebrations starting on 27 June 2017 provides Prague audiences with many performances...

Whole article
22.05.2017 News: Solo for the Two of Us by Petr Zuska

The National Theatre Ballet Company closes this season with a new premiere - Solo for the Two of Us - choreographed by Petr Zuska. As the title implies, the author refers to his previous ballet Brel – Vysockij – Kryl/Solo for Three, which is...

Whole article
20.04.2017 News: Laterna Magika’s Wonderful Circus celebrates 40 years from premiere

On 15 April 2017, Kouzelný cirkus (The Wonderful Circus) celebrated 40 years from its premiere in 1977. The anniversary will be commemorated by a gala performance on 21 April, attended by many dancers and contemporaries. The story about a journey...

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