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AURA Kaunas International Dance festival announces a selection

 AURA Kaunas International Dance festival announces a selection

AURA Kaunas International Dance festival announces participants selection for
the 2011 year's festival. The festival is planned on September-October, 2011.

Application deadline is 1st of February, 2011.
Selected participants will be informed by email.

For more information please write to 

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The anniversary 20th International Festival of Modern Dance in Lithuania

The anniversary 20th International Festival of Modern Dance will take place in 
Kaunas and Vilnius in Lithuania on 18th - 26th of September. The Festival 
annually attracts not only the most prominent modern dance troupes from all 
over the world but also new discoveries in the scene. Its 20th birthday will 
be celebrated together with guests from USA, Brasil, Germany, Poland, 
Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. 

It is not an accident that a significant part of the 20th Festival program is 
collected from performances of  loyal to a festival troupes. And unseen 
troupes where selected by the festival head choreographer Birutė Letukaitė 
during visitations to the different foreign festivals and dance platforms. 
2010 premiere will be shown by well known German-born choreographer Johannes 
Wieland who currently works in New York. The music for this performance 
“Roadkill” was created by glamorized experementalist Ben Frost (Iceland). 
Italian troupe Il Posto will show the first performance of vertical dance in 
Lithuania. It will be performed on the facade of M. Zilinskas Art Gallery in 

Dance theatre AURA will show two premieres. The first one is an appearance of 
dancers amid St. Christopher live orchestral music played by 28 musicians. And 
the second one is an interdisciplinary performance created by AURA dancers 
together with Spanish theatre “Manantiales”. The inspiration for this 
performance  was drawn from the life stories and oeuvre Jonas Mekas and 
Federico García Lorca. 
The festival will present five performances labeled R-14 and R-18. By these 
performances the organizers promise to accustom  viewers to an open and naked 
body which turns into the object of contemporary art on the stage. 


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5. ročník medzinárodného festivalu súčasného tanca a pohybového divadla


19 nov – dom T&D/elledanse 20,00

Boris Nahálka / elledanse   // sk  _  Atlantis
Peter Šavel / Stano Dobák // sk/be _ One For You Two For Me
Małgorzata Haduch / pl _ Zona Segura

20 nov – dom T&D/elledanse 20,00
Daniel Raček
/ Tomáš Nepšinský / Debris Company  // sk  _ Ďaleko? Ak je dôvod
ME-SA / Debris Company  // sk/cz  _ between a rock and a hard place

21 nov – dom T&D/elledanse 20,00
Matthew Hawkins
// gb  _ No Title
Kotomi Nishiwaki // jp/de _ Off Off On!!
Lucia Kašiarová / altart  // sk/cz  _ ALA III

22 nov –  A4 – Nultý priestor  20,00 
Fornayová / Milan Adamčiak / AST / Altart // sk/ cz _ Diamondance Reloaded

Projekt Korespondance Europe  

 26 nov – dom T&D/elledanse 20,00
Béatrice Massin / AST  
// fr/sk  _ Atlas fantázie
Dominique Boivin / SE.S.TA  // fr/cz  _  Off l i n   e

27 nov – dom T&D/elledanse 20,00
Helge Letonja / Jamais Vu!  
// de, fr  _ Narazil som na teba
Paco Decina / Steptext Dance Project  // fr, de _ Waiting… Waiting for… The Night ???

Off program

15.-19.11.  VŠMU
Workshop pre študentov VŠMU - Béatrice Massin // fr

26.-.27.11. dom T&D/elledanse
Workshop pre profesionálov: Matthew Hawkins

20.11. dom T&D/elledanse 18,30
Videoprezentácia projektu Solo–Duo Festival Budapest


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The anniversary 20th International Festival of Modern Dance in Lithuania

Dvacátý ročník mezinárodního tanečního festivalu v Litvě proběhne 18. - 26. září 2010.

Více informací naleznete v anglické sekci.


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Jõhvi Ballet Festival 2010

V Estonsku od 11. do 15. března proběhne baletní festival.

Bližší informace naleznete v anglické sekci.


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Jõhvi Ballet Festival 2010

11 - 15 March 2010 
Ida-Virumaa, Jõhvi 

Jõhvi Ballet Festival, held for the third time this year, is a unique event in 
The main performer of the festival is the ballet troup from the Latvian 
National Opera together with soloists. The festival will also feature the 
works of Estonian ballet schools and studios. In addition to well-known names, 
the stage will be taken by young talents as well. 

The main performers of the 2010 festival are this time national operas: the 
Latvian National Opera ballet group will present Adolphe Adam's Le Corsair, 
the Estonian National Opera will perform Coppelia by Léo Delibes; the stage 
will also be taken by the promiment duo from Czech National Theatre, Eve 
Mutso-Oja from Scottish National Ballet; performances also by St Petersburg 
Mikhailovsky Theatre, Theatre "Vanemuine". 

The program is diverse and should include something for every ballet lover. 
Top quality ballet will delight both professional viewers as wwell as those 
who are new to the field. Keeping in mind the youngest ballet lovers, each 
year the program also featues lovely children's performances. 

In addition to performances, workshops will be held, giving young talents the 
chance to polish their skills with local as well a foreign professionals. 


Thu, March 11 at 6 PM 
"Children's Ballet Gala" 
Young dancers from Estonian ballet schools and studios. 

Fri, March 12 at 7 PM 
"Coppelia" by Léo Delibes, Estonian National Opera 
Eve Andre, Sergei Upkin, Vitali Nikolajev, Marika Muiste, Nanae Maruyama 
Second premier! 

Sat, March 13 at 5 PM 
"Autograph Hour" 
The ballet festival's foreign guests. 

Sat, March 13 at 6 PM
"Corsair" by A. Adam; Latvian National Opera. 
Only performance in Estonia! 

Sun, March 14 at 5 PM
"Autograph Hour" 
Tiiu Randviir 

Sun, March 14 at 6 PM 
"Ballet Gala" 
Eve Mutso-Oja and Erik Cavallari (Scottish National Ballet); Adéla Pollertová 
and Alexandre Katsapov (Czech National Theatre); Irina Perren and Marat 
Šemiunov (St Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theatre); Aleszja Popova and Vladimir 
Arkhangelsky (Hungarian National Ballet) + soloists form Estonian National 
Opera, "Vanemuine" Theatre and Latvian National Opera. 

Mon, Match 15 at 1 PM
"Animal Carnival" 
Kersti Adamson Ballet Studio and Pärnu City Orchestra. 

Tickets available at Piletimaailm. 


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International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival

Koná se každoročně po čtyři dny v březnu. Je to festival spojený se soutěží, představují se na něm mladí choreografové a tanečníci, kteří mají možnost získat jednu ze šesti cen, které uděluje odborná porota.

Více v anglické sekci.

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International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival

4 days each year in March, contemporary choreographers and young dancers show their new, modern, individual and experimental productions on the stage of the Robert-Bosch-Saal in TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz to an enthusiastic audience and an illustrious jury.
Most of the presented pieces are premieres.
The jury awards altogether six prizes, three for each of the two categories "choreography" and "dance". The 1st prizes are awarded with € 3.500,- each, 2nd prizes with € 2.500,- each and the 3rd prizes with € 1.500,- each.

Head of the Festival: Gudrun Haehnel
Artistic Director: Marcelo Santos
Cultural management: Laurence Lachnit, Birgit Brinkmann

Phone: +49 (0) 711 1873 825
E-Mail: solotanz(at)treffpunkt-rotebuehlplatz.de

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Ballet Festival Weeks 2010

25. April - 9. May 2010 

Festival se uskuteční v Bavorsku v Mnichově, kde bude předvedeno několik děl z tvorby Bavorského státního baletu, mimo jiné z dílny Jiřího Kyliána nebo Williama Forsytha, a součástí bude po tři večery přehlídka z děl nedávno zesnulé Piny Bausch

Více informací v anglické sekci.

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Ballet Festival Weeks 2010

Best of…Twenty years of Bavarian State Ballet 
25. April - 9. May 2010 

The Ballet Festival Weeks 2010 are to bring the celebrations of the 
twenty-year jubilee of the Bavarian State Ballet to a festive end: they are to 
remind once again of essential highlights in the repertoire of the past two 
decades. The connection of history and present, tradition and avant-garde, the 
integration of aesthetic positions in their historic and contemporary context 
– that is how one might describe the guiding ideas of the repertoire programme 
of the Bavarian State Ballet. 

The Ballet Festival Weeks 2010 will present a programme with three creations 
for the Bavarian State Ballet – Once Upon an Ever After, Der Sturm (The 
Tempest), Zugvögel (Migratory Birds) – the fifth premiere of a work by William 
Forsythe – the full-length Artifact – a three-day guest performance by the 
company of Pina Bausch, the Tanztheater Wuppertal, two galas that bring back 
memories with many excerpts from creations and ballets like “Shannon Rose” or 
“Emma”, “Le Sacre du Printemps” or “Manon”, dances by guest stars from all 
over the world. 

Ticket sale: written orders from January 25, 2010, 
Box Office, Telephone and Online Sale from February 25, 2010 


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International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada

24. června - 14. července

Hudební a taneční festival odehrávající se ve španělské Granadě

Bližší informace v anglické verzi ZDE.



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International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada

24 June - 14 July

The International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada is a living instrument of cultural, educational, tourist and socioeconomic activity all within a common framework of EMOTION. This is reflected not only in the programmes and their contents, but also in the way in which these activities are presented to audiences.

Emotion expressed in artistic offerings of outstanding quality; emotion in the enjoyment of the most beautiful and original spaces in Granada and its province; emotion in the discovery of what Granada has to offer in the way of unique experiences in cultural tourism which each year are discovered by more people from every corner of Spain and abroad; emotion and satisfaction in the realisation that, for a few weeks, the Granada Festival becomes a real motor of the city’s economy on account of the thousands of artists, orchestras, companies and visitors who arrive specifically to attend this feast of the senses.

The Nazrid palaces and centennial gardens of the Alhambra in Granada are this Festival’s most impressive sign of identity and a unique setting for its performances. At the beginning of summer hundreds of spectators enjoy the music and the dance, infused by the aroma of the lush vegetation of the gardens of the Alhambra and under the impact of the amazing Nazrid, renaissance and romantic architecture which has made of Granada the so-called Gateway to the South.

And side-by-side with the performances that take place in the 
Alhambra there is a broad mosaic of artistic events which extends throughout Granada and its province and is available for public enjoyment: this is the FEX which represents the extension of the Festival throughout the city and the province of Granada. The most spectacularly monumental sights of the city (the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, the Monastery of San Jeronimo, the Sacromonte Abbey, the Carthusian Monastery, the Royal Chancellery, the Casa de Castril, the Casa de los Tiros and the churches), together with the contemporary buildings, the many squares and street corners make the Festival a popular event enjoyed by thousands; audience numbers are increased by visitors and tourists who come to Granada specially for the Festival. And Granada is not only the city but also the province. The province includes more than ten municipalities which every year make a contribution to this cultural fiesta with programmes which are also offered in the most suitable and unique venues.




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Tanzfestival Bielefeld

18. - 31.7. 2010 

Bližší informace najdete v anglické sekci.

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Tanzfestival Bielefeld

July 18th – July 31th 
The Tanzfestival Bielefeld combines qualified dance and choreography classes 
directed by international instructors with performances by modern dance 
ensembles from around the world. It embraces people with diverse cultural 
backgrounds and dance skills, from beginners to professionals. Each year, the 
festival is a major regional event and a top draw for dance enthusiasts 
worldwide. Four dance studios are setup in the Rudolf-Oetker Halle, otherwise 
a classical music venue during the rest of the year. 
The wide range of workshops can be booked by the week at budget prices. This 
allows participants the opportunity to check out various instructors with 
their own individual interpretations of a dance style, thus enriching their 
own dance skills. The workshop instructors teach different proficiency levels, 
ideally accommodating the participants abilities. 
The premiere performance, one of four presentations staged by international 
dance ensembles in all, is held at the "Theaterlabor Tor 6". This alternative 
theater space, located in the middle of the city, features a large stage and 
ca. 280 raised seats with excellent and unobstructed views of the action. 
Before the performance, the host will present the first-week instructors to 
the audience. Normally, the performance program is focused on a certain 
country, in the year 2010: the Hungarian dance scene. 
The presentations of the participants can be regarded as the highlights of the 
festival. At the end of the first workshop week, dancers stage the results of 
their training in an open-air performance at the centrally located 
"Rathausplatz". The show is followed by an improvised outdoor disco, which 
runs to midnight. The festival climax is the final stage presentation. In this 
performance, the participants of the second workshop week demonstrate their 
dance skills. In the finale, all of the festival participants come together on 
the big stage to bid farewell - looking forward to coming together at next 
year's "Tanzfestival Bielefeld". 
Information: http://www.tanzfestival-bielefeld.de/index.php?id=1&L=1 

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Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2010

23. června - 29. srpna

Taneční festival s velkou tradicí, který probíhá v letních měsících v USA, Berkshire

Bližší info v anglické sekci.



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Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2010

Festival 2010, June 23-August 29,

brings a thrilling mix of international dance companies, emerging choreographic talent, legends of the field, live music, new work, and a stunning variety of dance from around the globe to the Berkshires.

Highlights include the spectacular return of Nina Ananiashvili; the U.S. debut of Barak Marshall's MONGER, of Israel; Karole Armitage's new work inspired by scientist Brian Greene's acclaimed The Elegant Universe; the splendid production Serenade/The Proposition choreographed by2010 Tony Award winner Bill T. Jones; and the U.S. debut of 3xBoléro performed by The Göteborg Ballet. 

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Tanztheater International 2010

1. - 11. září

Mezinárodní taneční festival v německém Hannoveru.

Blíže v anglické sekci.



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Tanztheter International 2010

1. - 11. September 2010

International dance festival Tanztheater International takes place in Germany, Hannover for the 25th time. Since 

1985 over 250 companies performed at the festival. 

This years participants are for example K. Kvarnström & Co./ Helsinki Dance Company, Jan Lauwers & 

Needcompany, Pierre Rigal/Compagnie dernière minute, les ballets C de la B of Alain Platel.

For full programme, see www.tanztheater-international.de

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Mezinárodní festival tance, divadla, cirkusu a dalších žánrů v Chile se uskuteční od 25. 10. 2010 do 30. 10. 2010.

Veškeré informace naleznete v anglické sekci.


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Present in Chile’s Bicentenial 
Project asumed by the Cultural Donations Law Gobernment of Chile 

ANTIFAZ Theater Company, founded in Iquique, Tarapacá Region, on March the 3rd, 1993, now one of the most prestigious theatrical organizations in and out of its borders, invites all performing arts groups in Theater and Dance to the 4th INTERNATIONAL THEATRE Y DANCE  FESTIVAL FINTDAZ 2010  To happen from October 25th to October 30th, in the city of Iquique, Tarapacá Region Chile. 

IQUIQUE Land of Sun, Beaches, Deserts, SodiumNitrate Companies, Oasis and Duty Free Shops. 

FINTDAZ is a selfproduced private iniciative, achieving economic support through Artistic Grant Programs, Comercial Enterprises Sponsorship and Anonimous Colaborator’s Contributions. 

Main Goals: 

To continue the realization of a Theater and Dance event that is an Iquique, Regional, National and International true Touristic and Cultural contribution, for 6 days. 

To promote interaction and interchange of experiences between the participants, to accomplish comprehension of the national and global historical moment for the true cultural integration values to prevail, to move forward on an artistic circle of the closest regions to the Chilean North (Perú, Bolivia, Argentina) and other spanish speaking countries, handing out knowledge and tools of the new methodologies for theater and dance, participating not only the invited artists, but also the local artistic community through workshops or forums. 

All theater and dance, local, regional, national, internationa, profesional, amateur, groups, organizations or companies with a carreer of more than three years can participate. 

The event does not intend to be a competition or a payd event, nevertheless the Orginizing Comité has the right to award the delegations in Best Play (Dance or Theater), Best Leading Actor or Actress, Best Dancer (Male or Female), Best Costume Design, and others. 


1.  Artistic groups: Theater, Dance-Theater, Dance (Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Afro, etc) Puppet shows, marionettes, Musicals, Circus-Theatre, Air Thieater, etc, with a play aimed at an adult, young, or child audience can participate. 
2.  There is no specific theme or topic for the plays. 
3.  Theater Plays must last at least 40 minutes, and 80 minutes at the most. (check point 8). 
4.  Dance Plays shouldn’t exceed 45 minutes time. 
5.  The groups or companies may aply with up to two plays, remembering the established amount of people to come with each delegation. 
6.  The applicant plays must be able to adapt to different kind of stages (size, technical equipment, open air spaces). 
7.  The selection of the groups will be handled by the ANTIFAZ Theater Company, with the right to include any external dance or theater director to colaobrate during the process, which will be entirely presided by the Executive Producer of the festival. Hoping the plays respond professionaly to a complete design proposal; scenery, costumes, make-up, music, lighting, body expresion, creativity, direction, innovation, impact, etc. 
8.  The number of people attending the festival, accorfing tho their APPLICATION CATEGORY, cannot excede the following: 

Theatre / Musicals / Puppet shows / Circus Theatre, Etc. 

Maximum: 06 People. 
Restricting the presence of any member whose participation [WINDOWS-1250?]insn’t entirely necessary for the performance of the play, such as: Managers, Producers, Asistant Director, Administrative Asistants, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Etc. 

Dance / Dance Theater /  Etc. 

Maximum: 08 People. 
Restricting the presence of any member whose participation [WINDOWS-1250?]insn’t entirely necessary for the performance of the play, such as: Managers, Producers, Asistant Director, Administrative Asistants, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Etc. 

Air Theatre 

Maximum: 12 People. 
Restricting the presence of any member whose participation [WINDOWS-1250?]insn’t entirely necessary for the performance of the play, such as: Managers, Producers, Asistant Director, Administrative Asistants, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Etc. 

Street Interventions  (Theatre or Dance) 

Maximum: 04 People. 

1.  No tourists will be allowed, every member of the delegation must have a function made clear in the Technical Guide enclosed. 
2.  No minors (under the age of 18) will be allowed. 
3.  It’s mandatory that evrey company brings their own Lighting or Sound Technician(s) depending on the complexity of the play. They should be counted among the maximum number of people given to each Application Category. 
4.  It’s mandatory to enclose the following to your application: Press articles about the offered play, digital high resolution JPG format photos of the play, a brief sinopsis of the play, a brief Currículum(Resume) of the Company and each of the actors, plus a CD or DVD with a video recording of the whole play, those who [WINDOWS-1250?]don’t fill these requirements will be automatically excluded from the application/evaluation process. 
5.  The selected groups must send with their application the COMPROMISE LETTER form,(enclosed to this document) with al due legal termns, signature of the director or legal representative, seals or stamps that guarrantee your organization. 
6.  If selected using an author play, you must enclose a Certificate proving that you have the Rights of the play. 
7.  The Organizing Comitee and the ANTIFAZ Theater Company will provide basic Lighting and Sound Equipment for each performance. Any more sofisticated element or expense shall be asumed by the company. It is recommended, if possible, to bring your own scenery, to maintain your design and quality. The organization will help and seek out the props you may require, according to the budgets set for it. 
8.  The organization will provide Accomodations (Hotel, Hostel or Communitary Lodge depending on the economic resources available), Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and Internal Trasportation (picking you up and leaving you at Bus Terminal or Airport) for all of the artists attending the event. 
9.  Each group shall asume the traveling costs from and to their hometowns. And also, the cost of the things they bring (Scenery,Excess baggage, etc).'' 
10. Each group must be open to sharing their dance or theatrical experiences with their piers attending the festival, and the artistic community, offering free Workshops, Lectures, Forums, according to the previous schedule set by the Orginizing Comitee. 
11. Evaluation will be qualified as a 001 to 100 percentage scale. Those who offer workshops in Acting, Dance, Make-up, Costume Design, Lighting or other, will add a 20% to their evaluation percentage. The teacher of the offered workshop must enclose a Resume, his methodology of work proposal, number of hours to work, number of participants, ages, etc. 
12. Once [WINDOWS-1250?]you’re selected, you will recieve a Formal Invitation to the Cuarto Festival Internacional de Teatro y Danza FINTDAZ  2010 Letter. Also, the invited group must enclose a Responsibility Letter regarding Intellectual Property Rights, and in the case of foreign companies, an Oficial Support Letter from your Embassy or State Organism of your country, indicating that your participation in the Cuarto Festival Internacional de Teatro y Danza FINTDAZ 2010, will be non-profit. 
13. Each selected group must do an Oficial Performance in the mainstage of FINTDAZ (Hemicicle of the Municipal Theatre of Iquique), and two Social Extension onces, this being, performances for students, or performances outside of Iquique in small towns or rural comunities, where the audiance rate can go from 5 to 100 people or more. 
14. Your performance on the MainStage and in Extensión will be completely free for the public. 
15. The arrivals and departures will be scheduled, which means, each group must arrive to FINTDAZ 2010 according to the Arrival and Departure Programme, set by the Organizing Comitee which will be made according to the performances of each day. This schedule will be sent to the selected companies up to 90 days before the event. 
16. The organization will take care of Lodging, Meals, and Internal Transport expenses since 1 day prior to the event, and untill noon of the day after the event finishes. The pick-up or leaving you at the airpor works on a group basis, if the company must leave one person at a time, extra expenses must be asumed by the company. 
17. Each group will recieve a Conmemorative Galvano, plus a Diploma for each member. 
18. The Organizing Comitee has the right to award groups or artists for their development in their categories. 


1.  The Organizing Comité has the right to Grant parcially or totally with Round-trip Travel Tickes (Air or Land) inside Chilean territory, to the companies qualified with more than 97% in the Evaluation Process. 


Mr. Abraham Sanhueza López, Director General, CUARTO FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE TEATRO Y DANZA ANTIFAZ 2010.  Address: Valle Central N° 3172, Chipana Oriente, Iquique- Chile, Phone N° 56 (Code Chile) 57 (Code Iquique), 444208 or E-mail address: abrahamsanhuezalopez@gmail.com<mailto:abrahamsanhuezalopez@gmail.com>, cia.antifaz@gmail.com<mailto:cia.antifaz@gmail.com>, fintdaz@gmail.com<mailto:fintdaz@gmail.com> 

IMPORTANT: Applications will be received from  November 1st 2009 to January 31st 2010 (Local, National and International Groups). Selected groups will be informed up to 30 days anfer closing the application time. 


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Festival of contemporary European Theatre

Festival současného evropského divadla se uskuteční v Německu v Lipsku 2. - 7. listopadu 2010.

Více informací naleznete v anglické sekci.

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euro-scene Leipzig

Festival of contemporary European Theatre

02 – 07 November 2010

The euro-scene Leipzig, festival of contemporary European theatre, will take place from 02 to 07 November 2010 for the 20th time. The festival was founded in 1991 and has since brought innovative dance and theatre productions to Leipzig each November. Under the direction of festival director Ann-Elisabeth Wolff 14 guest appearances from 12 countries will be shown in 27 performances and 10 venues this time. This includes dance and speech theatre as well as performances, musical stage forms and a play for children.

In its anniversary year, the festival is going by the motto »Spurensuche« (»Searching for traces«). It is therefore embarking on a journey both towards a résumé of its own development and towards setting a course for the future. As in past years, the guest appearances will demonstrate the strong, individual scripting of major directors and choreographers from all over Europe. This will include the reunion of a number of artists with whom the euro-scene Leipzig has long enjoyed a partnership. In addition, as in the past, companies that are still unknown will also be present and several German premieres will be shown.

The guest performances from Eastern Europe form a focal point of the festival every year, presenting the diversity of the cultural regions even in a broader context. These companies are often giving their first guest performances in Germany. Next to guest performances from Belgium, France, Italy and The Netherlands, there will be discoveries from Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Latvia and the Czech Republic. This year the carte blanche – the selection of one guest performance – will be in the hands of Klemens Wannenmacher, member of the artistic festival advisory board, cultural advisor and manager of the company Kreativ Coaching Berlin. An extensive fringe programme including films, discussions and a workshop will supplement the festival.

In co-operation with the International Theatre Institute (ITI) of Berlin, the euro-scene Leipzig is holding a symposium this year. Professionals and artists from numerous European countries will address the development of theatre in Eastern and Western Europe in the last 20 years. The symposium is open to the public and aimed at professionals, spectators and everyone who is interested.

The festival programme will be available online as from 01.07.2010 under www.euro-scene.de/programme.


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