International conference Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense 1617 - 2017

The interdisciplinary academic conference on the 400th anniversary of Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense (held on 5 February, 1617, at the Prague Castle) will take place from 4 to 5 February 2017 in Prague. “The significance of this performance and its anniversary make it a timely opportunity to renew not only academic, but also the public’s interest (the most recent conference about the performance was held in Brno in 1993 at the incentive of prof. Miloš Štědroň),” add conference organisers.

On the day of the 400th anniversary of the performance of Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense there will be a unique meeting and interdisciplinary debate beneath the Prague Castle between scholars and artists, who will present new findings about the piece and the social events that accompanied the premiere. The conference will highlight the remarkable cultural-political significance of the above-mentioned events, and it will also mean an important step and inspiration on the way towards the recreation of the premiere in July 2017.
“The session of scholars and researchers from the fields of history, languages and literature, music, theatre, art, and dance will explore and confront various aspects of the
creation and realization of this celebration - from the historical point of view (the historical context of the event on the eve of the Thirty Years’ War, its links to the Italian tradition of music and dance performances, the European theatrical and dance scene at the time, the iconographical exposition of preserved engravings, literary analysis of the libretto, etc.), as well as the implementational point of view (translation and interpretation of the Italian libretto, selection of period instrumental music and reconstruction of the lost vocal music, choreographic and directorial strategies, staging and costume design),” add conference organisers.

The authors who are currently preparing the piece for its revived premiere in July, 2017, will share their points and methods of their work. Conference participants will thus have a unique opportunity to see select practical demonstrations of the recreation process.
The Saturday conference will be followed on Sunday by a guided tour of the Old Royal Palace of the Prague Castle, where the Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense was performed exactly on this day, four hundred years ago.

Preliminary conference program

Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU),
Malostranské Nám. 13/258, Praha 1
9:30-18:00 Conference focused on the general context of the Phasma Dionysiacum 1617 performance and new ways of its recreation.
Speakers: Kateřina Bohadlová, Sylva Dobalová, Helena Kazárová, Kateřina Klementová, Markéta Stormová, Lorenzo Charoy, Ivan P. Muchka, Miloš Štědroň, Marek Štryncl, Miloslav Študent, Eva Kröschlová and others.

Old Royal Palace, Third Courtyard of the Prague Castle, Praha 1
Walk around Prague and guided tour of the Old Chamber of the Prague Castle,
where Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense was performed four hundred years ago. Our guides will be Mgr. Sylva Dobalová, Ph.D. and PhDr. Ivan P. Muchka from the Institute of Art History of The Czech Academy of Sciences.

Conference languages: Czech and English

Conference fee: 800 CZK (students: 500 CZK).

Application deadline: Sunday, 22 January, 2017

Accommodation: we are able to offer a limited number of places at the AMU Hotel (Tržiště 18, Praha 1)
 for 2 nights (3-5 February, 2017), just two steps from the conference venue:

Single room: 900 CZK / person / night
Double room: 750 CZK / person / night

More information here.

Source: Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense 1617 - 2017


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