Interviews 2011

- Interviews: Interview with Christopher Bruce -

Mr. Bruce, you have been many times to Prague, do you remember your work with Prague Chamber Ballet?I don’t remember quite exactly how many years ago it was, but I had a good time with them, it was a lovely company. We made a piece called Sergeant Early´s Dream, to mainly Irish folk music, Scottish and also American folk tunes and songs. How old are the creations you staged now for the National Theatre?The oldest piece is Rooster which was created for Geneva ballet in 1990, so it’s twenty one...

By:Lucie Kocourková Whole article

- Interviews: Interview with Jarek Cemerek -

Interview with a dancer, teacher and successful choreographer Jarek Cemerek, not only about his collaboration with British company Balletboyz.

By:Kristina Durczaková Whole article

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