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09.06.2012 Interviews: Three Questions for ... Min Tanaka

A somewhat more comprehensive questions for Min Tanaka: 1) You have returned to the Archa theatre after seven years, in the meantime you have been performing in Asian countries most of all. Is there any difference in how the audiences react to your dancing in Asia and in Europe? It's hard to say because in Asia I danced most of all in front of strangers and I was glad if they stopped to watch me dance. As for Prague, I have a specific relationship with this city and people that come to my...

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01.05.2012 Interviews: A Stage Interview with Javier Torres, Author of National Theatre Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty

On characters and chances... Petr Zuska (host): You come from Mexico, anyway, you have lived for a long time in Finland and created this ballet (i.e. Sleeping Beauty) for the Finnish National Ballet. Why Finland and how does your Mexican temperament comply with the rather calm, settled down nordic soul? Javier Torres: Well, I don't think my coming to Finland was a mere coincidence, because I don't really believe in coincidences as such. I believe that things happen the way they were meant to...

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