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07.11.2013 Interviews: A Few Questions for Agurtzane Pérez Olóriz

Big event - a dance festival and exposition DANCE LIFE EXPO 2013 takes place in Brno next weekend.You are one of the stars of this festival and you also already participated in this event last year. How would you describe the festival DLE? It is a great dance event were people have a huge chance to see, feel and taste the quality and the present of the dance world life here in Brno, Czech Republic.A wonderful possibility to discover a  diversity of dance techniques, performances,...

By:Hana Galiová Whole article
04.11.2013 Interviews: A Few Questions for... Sirpa Möksy, One of the Stars of Dance Life Expo in Brno

Sirpa Möksy is dancer, choreographer and dance teacher from Finland, today mostly active as a lecturer of jazz dance at the Academy of Music and Dance of the University of Applied Sciences in Kuopio.She studied dance and dance pedagogy, beside others, at the Danshögskolan in Stockholm and she did post-gradual studies in New York, Chicago, Paris, Nice and Toulouse. Apart from lecturing she produces dance performances and makes choreographies in the style of jazz dance.Between 8th and 10th of...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article
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