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- Interviews: Interview with Charlotta Öfverholm: I have to thank Prague! -

Charlotta Öfverholm is dancer, choreographer and dance teacher from Sweden. For several years, she has been collaborating with Czech dancers and companies such as Jan Kodet, Farm in the Cave or VerTeDance. In November she is coming back to Prague to dance in a new project with VerTeDance Traces and she will also present her new one-woman show Lucky. At the end of October I met her in Stockholm to talk, among other, about her relation to the Czech contemporary dance scene and arts in general and...

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- Interviews: Three questions for Fernando Dominguez, one of the stars of Dance Life Expo 2014 -

The annual dance festival and expo Dance Life Expo 2014 will take place at the exhibition grounds in Brno from the 7th to 9th of November 2014, inviting a number of interesting guests to the Czech Republic. One of them is a dancer and choreographer Fernando Dominguez Rincon. An artist who performed the repertoire of famous choreographers such as Hans Van Manen, Arno Schuitemaker, Melissa Ellberger, Adriaan Luteijn or Jiří Kylián in the Netherlands and he now runs his own company FDR Dance in...

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- Interviews: With Daniel Squire on Cunningham in Ostrava -

Merce Cunningham’s dance technique and his choreographies form one of the pillars of modern and contemporary dance. His company belongs among the top dance bodies, showing their performances all around the world. And it is one of the former members of the famous Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Daniel Squire, who has arrived to the capital of the Moravian-Silesian region to rehearse one segment of the triptych event entitled Cunningham Tribute with the NMST ballet ensemble. The performances...

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article

- Interviews: Fatal encounter of Alain Platel, Serge Kakudji and Fabrizio Cassol -

One of the highlights of this year's Tanec Praha festival is Coup Fatal, a show that uniquely combines European baroque arias and African music. This project put together countertenor Serge Kakudji, conductor and guitar player Rodriguez Vangama, composer Fabrizio Cassol and choreographer Alain Platel. Fourteen musicians from the Congo play traditional instruments and electric guitars, sing, dance and above all they generate incredible energy. The premiere of the project took place on June...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article

- Interviews: Interview with Sandhyadipa Kar, dancer of classical Indian dance odissi -

Interview with Sandhyadipa Kar, dancer of classical Indian dance odissi Sandhyadipa Kar studied odissi from 1982 with an important personality of this dance, Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohapatry, and she became one of his best students. She performs in many countries and now she is coming to Prague for the second time, with the aim to establish a dance group here. How common and popular is studying and performing odissi and other classical dances in India nowadays?I don’t think studying...

By:Michal Mach Whole article

- Interviews, Tanec Praha 2014: With Australian Choreographer Lucy Guerin on iPhones and Dance -

The opening of the 26th TanecPraha Festival belonged, quite provokingly, to the performance titled Conversation Piece by choreographer Lucy Guerin. She created this piece for her company Lucy Guerin Inc in collaboration with the Belvoir Company. It’s surely the first time you are in Prague where we don’t meet many Australian choreographers – do you often travel to Europe? Lately, we’ve been rather performing in the States, but from time to time we travel to Europe. I’m in Prague for the...

By:Lucie Burešová Whole article

- Interviews: Stephanie Skura, a guest of ImproEvents Prague: “Performances are like compost...” -

The fifth year of the ImproEvents Prague will take place in June 2014. Thanks to this festival the Czech scene could meet some of the legends of the first generations of American postmodernism. The organizers invited them to give workshops, make video-presentations and to perform in Prague. Czech performers, dancers and other people interested in the art of improvisation will also have the opportunity this year. A guest of this year’s festival is a famous personality of American...

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- : Interview with Karina Elver -

Interview with Karina Elver, Danish choreographer and former RDB dancer, a week before the premiere of La Sylphide in Ostrava. The premiere of La Sylphide is in less than a week. What have been the preparations like and have you been satisfied with the rehearsals with the NMST ballet so far?  I feel good, but a bit stressed, a lot of things have to come together and not everything is working out for me yet. We all (the staff, my assistants, costume department, stage...

By:Lenka Dřímalová, Tereza Cigánková Whole article

- Interviews: New Production of Prague Chamber Ballet: Interview With the Creators -

On April 16, 2014, Prague Chamber Ballet is to present this season’s second original project: BEAT created by the renowned choreographic tandem Ivgi & Greben. Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben are no strangers for the Prague audience – six years ago they collaborated with the National Theatre ballet company and now returned to compose a more chamber piece for this small progressive company. We met some time in the middle of the process. The two choreographers spent several weeks with the company...

By:Lucie Kocourková Whole article

- Interviews: Czech Dance Platform: A Few Questions for Andrea Miltner -

Andrea Miltner performs at the Czech Dance Platform for the second time in a row. This year with a new project Flashback. This is a title under which everybody can imagine something else, usually a personal memory or experience. We asked how it is possible to work with flasback within the dance and movement world and also, in connection with the motto of this year's CDP, about the importance of 20 years for the development of a dancer’s expression. You perform again this year at the Czech...

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