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- Interviews: Three questions for Daniel Leveillé -

One of the stars of the upcoming DanceLife Expo, tap dancer Daniel Leveillé, was born in Geneva and started tap dancingatthe age of 5. He won the IDO Tap Dance World Championships in the children category at age 8, and went on to win six more gold medals in the junior and adult solo categories between 2006 and 2013. He also practiced Irish and ballroom dancing, and continues to study ballet, jazz and modern dance. He is a member of Fabrice Martin's Tap Dance Company, based in Lausanne...

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- Interviews: Three Questions for the DLE Instructor Tomáš Kuťák -

In Brno Exhibition Centre there will be a dance fair called Dance Life Expo from 6th to 8th November 2015. Within the programme organizers of the event offer extracts of choreographies of Czech dance ensembles but there will also be an opportunity to take part in dancing lessons led by instructors from different places of the Czech Republic. Tomáš Kuťák will be one of them – at the fair he will teach Master Class Contemporary JAZZ. We now bring you an interview with him. Tomáš, at...

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- Interviews: Honza Malík on NANOHACH in Czech 2015 and More: „I Find it Important to Be in Contact with the Amateur Scene…“ -

Our last conversation was at the occasion of the festival NANOHACH in Czech 2013. Back then I asked you whether this event was meant to start a new tradition and you told me that it wasn’t your plan to continue with it. And lo, it is 2015 and NANOHACH in Czech is here again…Maybe it was you who gave roots to the idea (laughs). At the beginning there was no such intention. We thought of the festival as a one-off spurt of new possibilities and presentation of our work in a concentrated form. In...

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- Interviews: Interview with Jana Hošková: “Dancing is a demanding profession” -

When I was arranging an interview with Jana Hošková, she invited me over to her flat at Prague’s quarter of Letná. I had not shared with her exactly what the topic of our conversation would be, mentioning only that we would certainly talk about the Dance Conservatory, which celebrates an important anniversary. We met one afternoon; there were books laid out on a table in her living room – in case we need to look something up, she said. Jana Hošková is a learned and extremely active lady. When...

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- Interviews: Czech Dance Platform: Three Questions for Jozef Fruček -

Choreographic tandem Jozef Fruček and Linda Kapetanea, which has been active since 2006 under the name RootlessRoot Company, has been known to audiences in the Czech Republic thanks to his collaboration with DOT504 company, for which they created very successful productions - Holdin'Fast (2007) and 100 Wounded Tears (2009). The last joint endeavor for DOT504, Collective Loss of Memory, premiered last year and it will be presented at the Czech Dance Platform. Jozef Fruček talked with us about...

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- Interviews: Three Questions for Krepsko -

Krepsko, international mime theater ensemble founded in 2001 in Prague around a group of graduates and exchange students of nonverbal theater department of the Academy of Performing Arts Prague. With its quirky humor, following in the footsteps of quality craft of Czech mime and physical theater techniques of modern day, the group soon got popular throughout Europe. It comes to Prague after several years as a part of Small Inventory Festival with the successful production of Mad Cup of...

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