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- Interviews: Interview with Giovanni Rotolo: „I’m really deep inside the ballet world.“ -

At the beginning of the season the charismatic dancer Giovanni Rotolo has been appointed principal dancer of the National Theater ballet company. The audience can see him in almost all performances of the ballet repertoire. This unusually humble, tough and hard working dancer has been proving his great talent already for the 6th season in Prague. He dances principal roles in many productions in the repertoire and is one of the most outstanding faces of the male ballet company Ballet Hommes...

By:Barbora Truksová Whole article

- Interviews: Aerowaves Spring Forward: 3 questions for Donald Hutera and Riikka Laakso -

Aerowaves Springback Academy, workshop for aspiring dance critics, is annualy held within the the Aerowaves Spring Forward festival (22 to 24th April 2016 Pilsen). During the festival, talented writers are guided by professional critics, who provide them with their many years of knowledge and experience with critical writing. The desired output is also specific in its format – participants produce short texts that do not exceed the length of one paragraph. The organizers therefore focus more...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article

- Interviews: Czech Dance Platform 2016: Three questions for Suzy Blok, member of festival jury -

This upcoming Wednesday 20th April 2016 begins five-days marathon Czech Dance Platform 2016. Within festival, there are going to be presented chosen pieces from Czech choreographers, who have the chance to get one of prestigious awards. We interviewed shortly Suzy Blok, international member of jury and artistic director of famous Dansmakers Amsterdam in the Netherlands.   What comes to your mind when you hear „Czech dance“? As a nation, do we have any dance reputation? Czech dance has...

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- Interviews: Cécile Da Costa: „It is important for the spectator to be active and to find a space for its own story or imagination" -

We caught performer and dancer Cécile Da Costa just before the premiere of her solo performances The Narrator, directed by Peter Boháč (Spitfire Company) and opening 29th and 30th March 2016 in Palác Akropolis. She shared with us some thoughts about her new project and her current state of mind. How much of your real self do you put into this performance? Is it difficult to reveal some personal things about you? Where is the boundary of what you share with the audience and what you...

By:Kristina Soukupová Whole article

- Interviews: Three questions for... Ole Kristian Tangen, guest choreographer in Jihoceske divadlo -

This is your first work in the Czech Republic – how do you feel about it? Do you find anything special about dance in here compared to the Western Europe? I met Atilla two years ago and he asked me to come to the Czech Republic and I‘m just glad I did come – it all has been so nice until now! I think the company is fantastic and very open, I feel great potential in them.  I came in and started my work with improvisation, which seemed quite different from how they were used to work. I...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article

- Interviews: Three questions for Wojtek Ziemilski: „I find it fascinating how we are conditioned to be this or that, to function in a certain way.“ -

Festival of dance theatre BAZAAR 2016 is behind the door. This weekend the festival dramaturgy presents artists from central, southern and eastern Europe in three Prague venues. The programme includes also workshops, discussions and informal reunions with artists. Main topic is human identity as a personal space, which may be interfered from outside and therefore influenced. Polish-American author Wojtek Ziemilski will present his own piece Pygmalion – he says it is about communication, its...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article

- Interviews: Andrea Opavská on Gossip, her Nomination for Thalia Award and Czech Dance Platform -

Andrea Opavská is currently one of the most talked about names in the Czech dance milieu. For her solo piece La Loba she has been awarded the Dancer of the Year 2014 prize. And that is not all, this year she received a nomination for the Thalia Award 2015 for the staging of Gossip, which has been highly praised by audiences and critics alike. Paradoxically, Gossip has not been selected by the jury for Czech Dance Platform, the festival of contemporary Czech dance. We talked about this...

By:Daniela Machová Whole article

- Interviews: Alena Pešková: “We are not limited by lack of liberty but by lack of craft…” -

On Sunday, 16 January 2016, the Pilsen ballet ensemble will premiere its new production, The Rite of Spring. The hard task of choreographing a ballet piece on Stravinsky’s opus was taken on by Alena Pešková, Director of the ballet company in Liberec, whom I interviewed about The Rite of Spring, Pilsen and Liberec, but also about her work philosophy. The premiere of your Rite of Spring – a touchstone for all choreographers - is coming soon. Do you have any favourite version of this piece?I...

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