Letní Letná 2017 revealed its programme

The 14th edition of the Letní Letná festival will take place from 17 August to 3 September at Letenské sady, Prague. The festival will host an array of international companies, from Europe and overseas, but also the best of the Czech scene. More info on www.letniletna.cz.

The French-Belgian ensemble Colectiff Malunés will take the audience on a journey to the world where reality of the present merges with well-known fairy-tale motifs… to the world where seven brilliant circus artists jump from one circus discipline to another, again and again pushing the limits of the human body and challenging physical laws. “Forever, Happily…..belongs to those productions that draw you in at the very beginning and at the end you can hardly get back to the reality outside the big tent,” says Jiří Turek, director and dramaturge of the festival.
Letenské sady will witness three separate, but interlinked, pieces of the French Atelier Lefeuvre & André who return to Prague after a pause of several years.
Another guest – Escarlata Circus form Catalania, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year - is no great enigma for the festival visitors. As a present, the company will bring a piece whose main ingredients are jumps, balancing, prowess, cruelty and lots of vegetables.
The festival organisers announced one of the festival highlights last December – the Canadian Cirque Alfonse will occupy the Art Nouveau wooden Spiegeltent. After the successful production of Timber, the Canadian “lumber-jacks” from Cirque Alfonse created a new piece called Barbu in which they use electronic remix of traditional Québec music played live by a band.

Forever, Happily… is the second piece of the French-Belgian group Colectiff Malunés. “Their first piece they performed hundreds of times, they toured the whole of Europe and collected many awards. Now it’s time to push the limits of their own skills as well as physical laws. And so they created their own world in which they use traditional fairy-tale motifs in an original manner. However, not all creatures there live “happily ever after”, in the world of Malunés princesses get trapped and twisted inside their spectacular gowns and wolves are the ones who are chased…” add the festival representatives.
After a pause of several years, Letní Letná welcomes again Didier André and Jean-Paul Lefeuvre aka Atelier Lefeuvre & André. “This summer they will perform three times, in three separate pieces, where they test their artistry and skills. Closed in a unique space of 8 square metres, they are able to play up the symphony of ingenious tricks, funny sketches and incredible equilibrist tricks,” explains the festival representatives and add “ The Catalanian company Escarlata Circus is not new to the contemporary circus world. This year, it celebrates its 30th anniversary, still, they are not short of breath and prove it in their piece Devoris Causa. They describe it as a celebration of freedom and imagination. Its main motifs are the pillars of collective human conscience: building air castles, life leading to death, constructive destruction, curiosity leading to ignorance.”

Source: SMART Communication s.r.o.


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