National Theatre Ballet in Season 2017/2018

The National Theatre Ballet, under the leadership of the new Artistic Director Filip Barankiewicz, prepares for the 2017/2018 season three new titles and a revived premiere of Youri Vàmos‘s much-loved choreography LouskáčekVánoční příběh (The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol). The next season’s repertoire will not include Swan Lake by Kenneth Greve, due to capacity constraints, as explains the new Artistic Director. It is not known yet when this ballet appears again on the stage of the National Theatre.

The first premiere, Timeless, will take place in the National Theatre on 20 October 2017. To open the new era, Filip Barankiewicz has opted for three choreographies making up a mixed bill production – Serenade by George Balanchine, The Rite Of Spring by Glen Tetley and a new work of the Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat.
A new addition to the repertoire will be a full-length ballet The Wayward Daughter (La Fille Mal Gardée). This piece of Sir Frederick Ashton’s will premiere on 19 April 2018 in the National Theatre. Ashton based his choreography on the original French title, created in 1789 by Jean Dauberval. The music score for the ballet was re-arranged by John Lanchbery after Ferdinand Hérold’s original from 1828.
The season will close with the premiere of a mixed bill entitled Slovanský temperament (Slavic Temper), taking place on 14 June 2018 at the New Stage. Ondřej Vinklát, the NT Ballet’s first soloist, is one of the artists contributing with a new production to the ensemble’s repertory. Another choreographer collaborating on the piece is Katarzyna Kozielska, who presented her work during the Danca Gala 2015, and Russian Andrei Kaidanovsky.
The National Theatre Ballet’s repertoire will also include the following productions: Vertigo (choreography Radu Poklitaru, Mauro Bigonzetti, Alexander Ekman), Decadance (choreography Ohad Naharin), The Snow Queen (choreography Michael Corder), La Bayadère (choreography Javier Torres), The Little Mermaid (choreography Jan Kodet), Valmont (choreography Libor Vaculík), Romeo and Juliet (choreography Petr Zuska), Solo for the Two of Us (choreography Petr Zuska) and The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol (choreography Youri Vàmos).

Source: The National Theatre


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