Ninth Yearbook of Taneční Aktuality just published

Taneční aktuality, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has recently published its ninth Ročenka (Year Book). Its cover features the new circus artist Eliška Brtnická in her new solo project Enola. Like every year, this year’s publication also brings a selection of texts from the Internet portal, reflecting the most important events of the 2015/2016 season in the field of dance, new circus and pantomime. No dance lover should miss this digest of reviews, coverages, interviews and other articles.

Ročenka Tanečních aktualit (Taneční aktuality Yearbook) is prefaced by short texts on individual movement genres, written by leading Czech experts. The ballet world events are, traditionally, summarised by Roman Vašek, Jana Návratová contemplates the contemporary dance events of the past season, pantomime and physical theatre are covered by Ladislava Petišková and glimpses of new circus are given by Veronika Štefanová.
The yearbook is then divided into sections, each for one region. Besides the reviews of new productions of theatre houses and contemporary dance ensembles we also publish reflections on festivals and news coverages of various dance events. The yearbook also remembers some of the influential artists (Boris Hybner, Pavel Šmok) and includes interviews with important personalities of the dance world – e.g. Ivan Liška or Astrid Štúrová. It also brings Radim Vizváry’s exclusive interview with Lucie Hayashi, editor-in-chief of Taneční Aktuality, given on occasion of the 10th anniversary. It is called rather fittingly Nezastavitelná “mašinfíra” (Unstoppable Engine-driver). Looking back onto the successful decade-long existence of the magazine, Hayashi says: ‘It’s not always been so easy. There’s a lot of uncertainty every year which demotivates us and prevents us from making any long-term plans because we never know if we are able to secure the next year’s editorial activity or not. But now, when looking back on the transformation of the students’ ambitions into a respectful professional medium, I think the effort and energy we invested were not in vain. And that’s the reason why we decided to give ourselves a birthday present – Databáze tance (Dance Database) – an on-line platform of Czech dance – which we launched this April within the Czech Dance Platform festival.”
The 2015/2016 Yearbook is concluded by a bonus text Choreografie pro kameru (Choreography for Camera) written by the Czech dancer, choreographer and dramaturge of film production Klára Lidová.

The yearbook provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of our dance art and as a printed publication it represents a valuable document for the next generations. The prize of one printed copy is 189CZK.

Ročenka Tanečních Aktualit (Taneční aktuality Yearbook) is available for purchase at:

PRAGUE – Grishko, Sansha Prague, Conservatory of the City of Prague, Ponec Theatre, Archa Theatre, Akropolis Palace, Experimental Space NoD/Roxy, Duncan Centre, Tanter, Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre, Studio Alta, Theatre Institute, Time Music bookshop, Karolinum bookshop, Academia bookshop, Dance Perfect studio, Adéla Pollertová Ballet Academy, Studio DanceLab, Studio Contemporary, Prague Dance Conservatory and secondary school, Ballet in Cinema
BRNO – National Theatre Brno, Grishko, Dance-shop Brno, Janáček Academy of Performing Arts bookshop, Academia bookshop, Barvič a Novotný bookshop
ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE – South Bohemian Theatre, Kredance
OLOMOUC – ‘Na cucky’ Theatre
OSTRAVA – National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, Cooltour Ostrava

Taneční aktuality is the first Czech on-line magazine providing information about dance events, in the Czech Republic and abroad. Besides professional dance it also focuses on pantomime, new circus and other movement genres. The Portal contains articles, reviews, news coverage including hot daily news from the dance world. The viewers can also find a unique dance calendar with information about dance events in all the Czech Republic, archives of domestic productions staged since 2007 and a schedule of workshops, auditions and contests. In 2016, Taneční aktuality celebrates the 10th anniversary of the foundation of a civic assembly which decided to create an internet portal on dance (, able to substitute for a printed periodical. During its relatively short existence, Taneční aktuality has become a respected medium, providing a platform for Czech professional dance; it thus stirred up a dialogue important for preserving healthy competition and argumentation in the field of dance.

Source: Taneční aktuality


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