- Articles: Fail of the season or a new spring-board? -

The beginning of theatre holidays is the time of wiping off the sweat, taking a deep breath and, maybe unwillingly, evaluating the past season. We recall successful events and subconsciously erase and remove the less successful ones. I think that besides naming the highlights of the season we should think of the directions Czech dance should never take. Because little stumbles also are part of any creative process and our own mistakes can put us on the right track again. Our small dance...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article

- Articles: Czech “dance incubator” needed for “undercooked” conservatory graduates? -

The proportion of international dancers in Czech ballet companies is constantly growing. Over the past five years, the number of foreign dancers has doubled in all regions and newly more dancers are coming from Western Europe (Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain), Australia and the number of Asian aspirants has also grown significantly (with Japan topping the list). In some regions, it is rare to spot a Czech name in a theatre programme (České Budějovice, Ostrava…), and graduates of Czech state...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article

- Reports: Meeting with Filip Barankiewicz: "All my life I have done what I love.“ -

A small press conference took place on Tuesday September 12th 2017 in Café Nona of the Nova Scena Narodniho Divadla v Praze, featuring new artistic director of National Theatre ballet company, Fillip Barankiewicz and few journalists. The pleasant former soloist of Stuttgart ballet took the time off his full agenda, came rushing in from the staging meeting regarding “Marna opatrnost”, a production to be put on in April 2018, and after answering a couple of questions, took off for the theatre...

By:Monika Čižmáriková Whole article

- Articles: Prominent dance scholar Roderyk Lange died aged 87 -

Professor Roderyk Lange was the most prominent Polish choreologist and one of the leading representatives of this scholarly domain in the world. He devoted his whole life to dance and choreology, and his deepest intention always was to establish and develop dance research in Poland. Lange was born in Bygdoszcz (Poland) on 5 October 1930. As a six-year-old boy he was fascinated by dance, which he enthusiastically began to learn. In 1948 he commenced his professional work as a dance teacher,...

By:Petra Dotlačilová Whole article

- Articles: Boris Hybner – we’re crying and laughing at once -

The last farewell to Boris Hybner has been covered several times on our website. But eventually we decided to ask some of his collaborators and friends, who accompanied him during his professional and personal life, to write a short reminiscence. So….the last memories of Boris. We’ll all miss this clown wearing his heart and black humour on his sleeve. His work will be remembered once more on Monday, 25 April 2016 in Studio Alta, where the recordings of Boris Hybner’s theatre performances...

By:Kateřina Votočková Whole article

- Articles: Master-choreographer Pavel Šmok -

With deep grief and sorrow the Department of Dance and the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague has received the news that the much admired and honoured heart of our Master-choreographer, professor Pavel Šmok, ceased to beat forever. The incredible importance of Šmok’s choreographic and directorial work remains a precious artistic treasure. His work has been a source of admiration and inspiration for many years and further gathering and evaluation of Pavek...

By:Václav Janeček Whole article

- Reports: Golden Prague International Television Festival: Opening Ceremony -

The opening evening of the 52nd Golden Prague International Television Festival was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Prague Dance Conservatory. The same anniversary is celebrated by the Academy of Performing Arts this year but, given the fact that most of its Dance programme graduates also spent long years of study full of essential travail on the ground of the Prague Dance Conservatory, for the opening and presentation of the Gala Concert the festival...

By:Marcela Benoniová Whole article

- Reports: Mime Fest: Po-lič-ka! -

For the fourth time in a row, the town of Polička hosted the week-long festival of pantomime Mime Fest. Besides the comfort of family-like atmosphere, the festival offers mime theatre performances from all around the world. They got again a step further compared to the last edition – new know-how, new skills, chill-out, laughter and friendship. That’s how the festival can be described. The participants arrive to Polička on Sunday evening. They come not only from the Czech Republic but also...

By:Kateřina Votočková Whole article

- Reports: Tribute to Jiří Kylián -

On October 2, 2015 there was a meeting with the prominent Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián at the New Stage of the National Theatre. It was held within the International Television Festival Golden Prague. The purpose of the evening, besides the actual meeting, was the premiere of the documentary Jiří Kylián created by the director Martin Kubala, and also screenings of the two short films Schwarzfahrer and Between Entrance and Exit, in which Jiří Kylián participated as for directing and...

By:Monika Čižmáriková Whole article

- : Congratulations to the Prague Dance Conservatory on its 70th anniversary by its famous graduates II: Jiří Bubeníček, Barbora Kohoutková and Zdeněk Prokeš -

School is the foundation of life; for dancers, it is the foundation stone of their success and career. Our server brings you the second round of congratulations from the Prague Dance Conservatory’s famous graduates, starring both domestically as well as internationally, on their alma mater’s anniversary.  Jiří Bubeníček: My school memories are beautiful; these were perhaps my best years. Most importantly, we were all enthusiastic about our work – both students and all our teachers....

By:Redakce TA Whole article

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