- Abroad: Montpellier Danse 2013 -

The 33rd edition of the prestigious International Dance Festival Montpellier Danse took place in France from 22nd June till 6th July. This year’s resident choreographer was Emanuel Gat, Israeli choreographer who has acquired a great reputation in France and abroad. He created three compositions for the festival, each of which originated in a different manner. Fresh breeze of Emanuel Gat The first piece The Goldlandbergs was composed on Bach's Goldberg Variations and it was not particularly...

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- Abroad: Tal Beit Halachmi’s Dance of Shouts -

In her latest solo piece Progénitures (Offspring), Israeli dancer and choreographer Tal Beit Halachmi experimented with her voice and body. She struggled with herself in a space inspired by Maman spider structures by surrealist artist Louise Bourgeois, she was drowning in the text by Pierre Guyotat and searching for the borders between bearable/unbearable. And there were flies buzzing and buzzing all the time.Into the glare of a spotlight came a woman on high heels, neither slim nor stout, with...

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- Abroad: Dance Biennale in Lyon: No Surprises -

Dance Biennale in Lyon celebrated the 15th anniversary this year. Thirty years ago it was founded by Guy Darmet, trained lawyer and, most importantly, a big enthusiast – a “modern Diaghilev" in a sense, who created a dance platform for many dance artists. This important display of contemporary dance scene in France, but also from abroad belongs to the social and artistic milieu of Lyon. An inherent part of the Biennale today is a big dance parade bustling through the streets of this town....

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- Abroad: Montpellier Danse 2012 - Report -

International dance festival Montpellier Danse was held from 22nd June 2012 to 7th July 2012 this year. Ideal conditions at Agora de la danse, the venue of the international dance festival Montpellier Danse in the former convent des Ursulines, allow to invite a large number of both foreign and local ensembles every year. They are the pride and prestige of this unique university town located in the Languedoc Roussillon region in the south of France. Festivals undoubtedly make part of the summer...

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