- Articles, Reviews: Chipping: Visual artist´s review -

Investigating what it is to be confused and consumed by a dense urban landscape, this 2014 work by Munich based choreographer Anna Konjetzky made its Czech debut in Studio ALTA this evening. Chipping employs a dynamic stage set, physically, dramatically, emotionally... in which our soloist runs the gamut of emotions from curious to confused, at ease to driven, and finally subverted to the greater forces or their world, our world. Through a series of motor drives, pulleys and cables that...

By:Ian Biscoe Whole article

- Reviews: You Are Not The One Who Shall Live Long – Nothing New under The Sun -

Autumn is always a busy period for contemporary dance companies, actually, this very season proves it again; in October alone four of our leading companies premiered their new productions, three of them within nine days. This rich dance harvest provides an opportunity to observe, relate and eventually compare; audiences can thus watch certain leitmotifs of the Czech scene. VerTeDance company presented themselves in a rather lyrical mode, their new production Flow excites us with its peculiar,...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article

- Reviews: Flow – An Illusion of Flowing Time -

Look out of the window. Watch the falling leaves, thick fog, pedestrians wrapped up in scarves and jackets, tapping drizzle, occasionally interrupted by a gust of wind. And then blur this imaginary picture, embedded in your memory, with your finger so that all the colors merge. Close your eyes and imagine music suited to this scene. A simple melody on a natural basis. It keeps on spreading into one layer after another in an intangible, floating, melancholy way as soothing as a hot tea. When...

By:Lucie Hayashi Whole article

- Reviews: Little Mermaid – Dance Under the Sea -

Following The Snow Queen, who has danced in Prague‘s National Theatre since March 2016, the NT ballet company has brought on stage another heroine of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen – The Little Mermaid. Ice is melting and both child and adult spectators are moving from the winter kingdom to the world under the sea. The well-established team prepared an original ballet score with the music libretto by Zbyněk Matějů, choreography by Jan Kodet and direction by the acclaimed duo SKUTR...

By:Kristina Soukupová Whole article

- Reviews: Orpheus – experiment, elements, love and farewell -

The famous ballet twins, brothers Jiří and Otto Bubeníček, decided to end their professional dance career this year with a brand-new piece, specially created for this occasion. Their Orpheus, variation on an Ancient myth, touches almost all senses and constantly stimulates the viewer’s imagination. The project is to be presented in several Czech and Slovak towns. The tour started on 8 September 2016 at Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds and also in Ostrava’s Gong it aroused many expectations...

By:Tereza Cigánková Whole article

- Reviews, Tanec Praha 2016: The Black Piece or Lost in the Dark -

Even though the motto of the Dance Prague festival warns us that there is no guarantee that our expectations will be fulfilled, it is still possible you will be surprised, to say the least. It is possible if you go to the Dutch performance called The Black Piece by Ann Van den Broek. At the beginning the author herself steps on a big switch. You are surrounded by darkness; the only lights are small light spots along the edge of the open space in Ponec theatre, shining...

By:Lucie Dercsényiová Whole article

- Reviews: Vertigo as a high-energy farewell to the season -

A triple bill is a traditional format on the repertoire of the National Theatre ballet company. The new triptych Vertigo brings lyricism, cold aesthetics and crazy hyperbole in three contrasting pieces of very distinct authors – Radu Poklitaru, Mauro Bigonzetti and Alexander Ekman. It premiered on 9 and 10 June 2016 at the New Stage. Maybe it’s the holidays and restful days coming, maybe it’s the sunny weather that makes the young dancers’ blood boil, but so much energy and joy of dance and...

By:Lucie Kocourková Whole article

- Tanec Praha 2016, Reviews: HERO%, Cartes Blanches – Flying to the Stars and Even Higher -

Karine Ponties, French choreographer living in Belgium, is well-known to the Czech audience. This graduate of Maurice Béjart’s famous Mudra dance school in Brussels and founder of the Dam de Pic ensemble has been taking part in the Dance Prague festival since 1990s. In 2001 she was present at the birth of Ponec theatre in which she later cast her choreographies. Jaro Viňarský, choreographer and dancer, or Pierre Nadaud, head of the Department of Physical Theatre and Multimedia at JAMU in...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article

- Reviews: Day and Night with NANOHACH -

The last premiere of the group NANOHACH took part on the 9th May 2016 at the Ponec theatre. Before the performance started, Honza Malík announced the end of the group. The premiere was conceived as a small farewell for spectators as well as the theatre Ponec, which hosted the ensemble throughout its existence of almost twelve years. Fortunately, there were not many sad faces during the evening, because this “last” performance turned out very well. It also seems that even though NANOHACH has...

By:Lucie Břinková Whole article

- Reviews: Three reviews from Spring Forward – Striptease, AL13FB<3 and Douglas -

Festival Spring Forward organized by the Aerowaves network and held over the weekend in Pilsen, ended on Sunday 24th April 2016. The showcase also included a critical workshop Springback Academy, whose participants published their reviews of the shows. These short evaluations of individual works can be read on the Spring Forward website (here) as well as on Taneční aktuality.cz. Enjoy!   Striptease performed by Pere Faur “Anticipation of an idea“, “an attribute to...

By:Josef Bartoš Whole article

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