Solo for the Two of Us by Petr Zuska

The National Theatre Ballet Company closes this season with a new premiere - Solo for the Two of Us - choreographed by Petr Zuska. As the title implies, the author refers to his previous ballet Brel – Vysockij – Kryl/Solo for Three, which is leaving the stage of the National Theatre after ten years. The premieres are held at the New Stage on 15 and 19 June 2017.

Once again, Petr Zuska finds inspiration in the poetry of songs – this time he has opted for two songwriters from the Ostrava region - Jarek Nohavica and Beata Bocek. From a certain point of view, Solo for the Two of Us can be seen as a dialogue between two songwriters who are related by the same region of Cieszyn, by language (Czech, Polish) and music genre. The piece features a total of 37 songs by Nohavica and Bocek (e.g. Těšínská, Markéta, Litanie u konce století and Pole maku or Dusza moja)
“Of course, Bocek isn’t the same as Nohavica – the difference between them (not only that of sexes) saturates the new piece with contrasts, suspense, harmony and female-male element. That is, too, the subtext of Solo for the Two of Us – the unity is achieved through merging of two elements, jing and jang, woman and man. Each of us consists of two polarities, we have the female and male side, the good and evil, demon and angel,” explains Petr Zuska.
The North Moravian inspiration is also reflected in the new production’s scenography. Petr Zuska has invited to collaboration Prof. Jan Dušek, with whom he had worked on his past ballets (the latest one, Tremble, or for example Stabat Mater, Romeo and Juliet, The Death and the Girl or the above-mentioned Brel – Vysockij – Kryl /Solo for Three).
Solo for the Two of Us will be performed at the New Stage – two hours of fabulous music and dance. Petr Zuska, choreographer and director of the production, will strum the cord that resounds the place in us where cry lies next to laughter, no matter where the place is, whether in our heart or head,” add the National Ballet representatives.
The Artistic Director of the ballet company, choreographer and dancer Petr Zuska, concludes with this title his last season as the head of the National Theatre Ballet and he is handing on the torch to his successor, Filip Barankiewicz.

Source: National Theatre


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