Spitfire Company celebrates 10th Anniversary with Adaptation of Svetlana Alexievich’s Book

Spitfire Company, which in the recent years has created projects such as One Step Before the Fall, Antiwords or Animal Exitus, celebrates 10 years of its existence with a brand-new project. The world premiere of the adaptation of the book Doba z druhé ruky (Second-hand Time), for which its author Svetlana Alexievich was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2015. will only be performed twice, on 12 and 13 September 2017 at Jatka78, Prague.

“In our adaptation, the book Second-hand Time will be transformed into a theatrical symphony of edges and sinus of the present, the recent past and the endangered future. There is no central storyline, but many intimate micro-stories making up the history of our everyday life,” says Petr Boháč, the Artistic Director of Spitfire Company. On the occasion of the company’s anniversary, its current and former members will share the stage. The music was created by the composer and conductor Jan Kučera, masks were designed by the sculptor Paulina Skavova.
Konec --- člověka. Doba z druhé ruky (End --- of the Human. Second-hand Time) follows up on the project Procesy 10/48/7830 (Processes 10/48/7830) which was realised by Spitfire Company in 2012. The main theme of the project was the show trial with Milada Horáková and it was performed right in the main courtroom of the High Court in Prague, where Milada Horáková had been sentenced to death in the 1950’s. For this creation, Petr Boháč obtained the Personality of the Year award  at the Festival…příští vlna/next wave…
The book, that brought its author Svetlana Alexievich the Nobel Prize, opens up human stories and emotions – loath, frustration, love, confession, truth, hope, beauty, despair, and belief in sacrifice. It is a multiple-voice piece, mixing vox populi, recorded dialogues, TV and radio clips or newspaper clippings. Altogether, the fragments form a comprehensive picture of the time – life in the Soviet Union that after the historic break-through gave birth to the authoritative foundations of contemporary Russia.

Source: Piaristi


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