The 13th Annual Festival Letní Letná

Letní Letná festival takes place from 18th August to 4th September 2016 in Prague's Letná Park. Daniel Gulko, who has been a long-standing presence on both the Czech scene and the festival is among its most notable guests. On August 26th he is going to present a preview of his new solo piece about the search for one's own identity and the eternal dance through life called Bottom. More information about the program and the festival can be found here.
Apart from this project, staged in collaboration with director and actress Adelle Node-Langlois, he also participates in another production, which is to be performed at Letní Letná on the same day. He directed Chaos of the Heart together with his students from the third grade of the Physical Theatre Studio of the Theatre Faculty in Brno. "And that is not all – a new young generation of nouveau cirque artists vehemently wants to be heard as well. This year, just for them and with them, two thematic evenings aptly named Cirksession I, organized by the center for contemporary circus Cirqueon, and Cirksession II, which is under the tutelage of Circus Mlejn, will be held," the organizers claim.
On August 19th, the festival program features the premiere of a new piece of contemporary circus Losers Cirque Company. Directed by Jiří Havelka, a bunch of Beach Boy(s), headed by Petr Horníček ends up on California beaches. Audiences will also have an opportunity to see their Walls & Handbags.
"Letní Letná not only brings to Prague the best ensembles from around the world, but it is primarily a festival of Czech circus. From the very beginning it supports and helps develop the local scene and in thirteen years of its existence it has helped many of our artists to open imaginary door to stages all around the world. Also this year, it offers the audiences trips into the colorful world of the Czech new circus and movement and street theater,"
the organizers add. For the very first time the Prague audiences are going to see the Travelling Company Žebřiňák, performing their open air production BarRock. Bratři v tricku are scheduled to perform their clown piece Funus several times, among other festival guests there are Radim Vizváry, Circus TeTy, Eliška Brtnická, Squadra Sua Clowns, Ondřej Holba, Holektiv and VOSTO5.

Source: SMART Communication


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