The National Theater Ballet is Staging Andersen's Little Mermaid

The story written by Hans Christian Andersen has inspired choreographer Jan Kodet and duo of stage directors SKUTR - Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský to write the libretto for a new ballet. The Little Mermaid's opening night is on November 10th, 2016 at the Estates Theater.

“Danish author Hans Christian Andersen wrote the tale in 1836 and, as in his other stories, he did not draw inspiration solely from his imagination, but first and foremost from his life, which definitely was not a happy and fruitful one. It is the very story of the Little Mermaid that reflects his deep longing for love, but also the futility of it, the fact that no one is eventually aware of this emotion and the subsequent sacrifice," claim the representatives of the National Theater Ballet.
Music for the ballet was composed by contemporary Czech composer Zbyněk Matějů, the story was choreographed by Jan Kodet. The visual part of the production is the work of stage designer Jakub Kopecký, costumes were designed by Saša Grusková. "Her concept of both the marine and terrestrial world is reflected with extraordinary inventiveness in costumes of various characters and also with respect to the dynamic movement of the dancers. Another promising part of the new production is the duo of directors SKUTR - Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský, whose previous directorial achievements gained a favorable response from critics and audiences alike. Their works have won many awards, including the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at the FIST International Festival in Belgrade, Evald Schorm Prize and Josef Hlávka Prize," claim the representatives of the National Theater Ballet.
The production team has worked with the National Theater Ballet in the past already, their first collaborative effort being the stage production of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which premiered in 2013. "An evening of poetic dance performances at the Estates Theater, in collaboration with the National Theater Orchestra is not only for families with children, but especially for all those who love this immortal story," concluded the representatives of National Theater Ballet.

Source: National Theater


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