Vertigo, new premiere of the Czech National Ballet

The Czech National Ballet is preparing a new production, this time borne in the spirit of contemporary dance. A mixed bill will present the essence of works by three distinguished and singular contemporary European dance-theatre creators: Moldova’s Radu Poklitaru, Italy’s Mauro Bigonzetti and Sweden’s Alexander Ekman. The three sharply contrasting poetics of the three artists and their opuses form a magical combination of lyricism, nostalgia, humour and crazy absurdity,” say representatives of the Czech National Ballet. The premiere will be held on 9 and 10 June 2016 at the New Stage.
The young Moldavian contemporary ballet creator Radu Poklitaru possesses a highly idiomatic style, blending classical elements and everyday gesture, traits of modern and national dances. His 2007 choreography Rain, with music of Johann Sebastian Bach, is a philosophical account of a story depicting the fates of people who at the same moment involuntarily enter a single space.
The Italian choreographer and currently Artistic Director of the Teatro La Scala Mauro Bigonzetti is a distinct contemporary dance figure. The 2006 work Vertigo, with music of Dmitry Shostakovich, takes the form of a highly emotional duet, serving to express his personal visions regarding a relationship between two persons, a union in which the madness of love turns into physical vertigo.
Swedish choreographer and stage director Alexander Ekman started his career as a dancer with the Nederlands Dans Theater II and was subsequently engaged at the Cullberg Ballet.
He has risen to become a creator whose choreographies are characterised by fast-developing timing, humour and compelling transformations. In Cacti, dating from 2010 and one of Ekman’s most acclaimed works, 16 dancers produce rhythms together with four musicians on the stage. With hyperbole and terse irony, it reveals the stereotypes of today’s Western civilisation, particularly the contemporary conceptual art, gleefully parodying its strategies and excesses,” say representatives of the Czech National Ballet.

Source: National Theatre


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