LA FOLIE DOUCE TEAM IS HIRING DANCERS, SINGERS, MUSICIANS AND PERFORMERS for 2016/2017 winter season, summer season, and tours in France and abroad.

LA FOLIE DOUCE (France) is an innovative restaurant and Après-Ski group mixing restoration and open-air clubbing at the top of the slopes. The concept is expanding in summer resorts in seaside resorts.

LA FOLIE DOUCE Team is now hiring male and female dancers, singers, violinists, versatile musicians and performers in Europe (Portugal, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia) for the 2016/2017 winter season in Val d’Isère, summer season and tours in France and abroad.

Please send your resumes with pictures and video/audio links to the following address: louise(at)

The dates and places of the casting and audition will be communicated by email shortly.

Necessary skills :
- Professional experience : 3 years minimum
- Confirmed knowledge in electronic and jazz music
- Notions of acting, theatre, musical
- Notions of dancing, self-expression through movement
- Stage experience would be a plus
- Fluent English is compulsory

Technical skills :
- Good appreciation and sense of rhythm
- Ease to improvise
- Ability to play solo or in group
- Improvise and play on electro music

Audition CCNR FRance

Centre Chorégraphique
National de Rillieux-la-Pape
Direction Yuval Pick


The company of the National Choreographic Center of Rillieux-la-Pape / Director Yuval Pick is looking for a MALE DANCER.


Minimum age : 25
Significant professional experience with advanced technique in contemporary and classical dance.

More information about the audition’s date and place will be published in September 2016.

You can already send your CV with a photo and a video link by email to Mélanie Scherer :

Audition for EnKnapGroup Dance Company

EN-KNAP Productions and EnKnapGroup Dance Company announce


for experienced dancers and actors (female and male) to join the company for a two year contract, with the beginning of work on 4 January 2016.

The audition will take place on Saturday, 28 November 2015 from 10 am to 6 pm 
and Sunday, 29 November 2015 from 11 am to 5 pm (with invitation only) in Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Zaloška 61, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Please apply before 16 November 2015.
Please send your applications with a CV, contacts details, and a photo to: goran.pakozdi(at)
Subject: Audition 2015

For further information please contact:
Goran Pakozdi, Producer at EN-KNAP Productions,
T.: +386 (0)1 620 87 87
M.: +386 (0)40 46 37 62


Kale Companhia de Dança

A Contemporary Dance Company in Oporto is looking for male dancers with strong classical technique and contemporary experience.
Position available: stagiaire
Audition by invitation only.
Please send your cv and video links to




Iquique – Tocopilla  –Región de Tarapacá y Antofagasta

Project assumed by the Cultural Donations Law – Government of Chile

ANTIFAZ Theater Company, founded in Iquique, Tarapacá Región, on March the 3rd, 1993, now one of the most prestigious theatrical organizations in and out of its borders, invites all performing arts groups on Theater and Dance to the 9th INTERNATIONAL THEATRE Y DANCE FESTIVAL ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2016 To be realized from 12 to 20 February (2016), in the city of Iquique,  Tocopilla - Tarapacá Region And Antofagasta  – Chile (*including other adjoining cities and their nearby communities).

IQUIQUE – Land of Sun, Beaches, Deserts, Sodium-Nitrate Companies, Oasis and Duty Free Shops.

FINTDAZ is a self-produced private initiative, achieving economic support through Artistic Grant Programs, Commercial Enterprises Sponsorships and Anonymous Collaborators’ Contributions.

Main Goals:
To continue the realization of a Theater and Dance event in order to be a true contribution to Iquique in touristic and cultural terms in Regional, National and International concepts, for 8 days.
To promote interaction and interchange of experiences among the participants, to accomplish comprehension of the national and global historical moment for the true cultural integration values to prevail. To move forward on an artistic circle of the closest countries of the Chilean North (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina) and other countries, handing out knowledge and tools of the new methodologies for theater and dance, participating not only the invited artists, but also the local artistic community through workshops or forums.
All theater and dance local, regional, national, international, professional, amateur, groups, organizations or companies with a career of more than three years can participate.
The event does not intend to be a competition or a paid event, nevertheless the Organizing Committee has the right to award the best productions that attended to the festival in the areas of: Best Staging (Dance or Theater), Best Leading Actor or Actress, Best Main Dancer (Male or Female), Best Costume Design, among others.

  1.  Artistic groups: Theater, Dance-Theater, Dance (Air Dance, Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Afro, etc) Puppet shows, marionettes, Musicals, Circus-Theatre, Air Theater, etc, A built-in show that aims for an audience made up by adults, young people or children.
  2.  There is no specific theme or topic for the plays.
  3.  Theater Plays must last at least 25 minutes, and 80 minutes at the most. (check point 8).
  4.  Dance Plays shouldn’t exceed 60 minutes time.
  5.  The groups or companies may apply with up to two plays, remembering the established amount of people to come with each delegation.
  6.  The applicant plays must be able to adapt to different kind of stages (size, technical equipment, open air spaces).
  7.  The selection of the groups will be handled by the ANTIFAZ Theater Company, with the right to include any external dance or theater director to collaborate during the process, which will be entirely presided by the Executive Producer of the festival. Hoping the plays respond professionally to a complete design proposal; scenery, costumes, make-up, music, lighting, body expression, creativity, direction, innovation, impact, etc.
  8.  The number of people attending the festival, according to their APPLICATION CATEGORY, cannot exceed the following:

 Theatre / Musicals / Puppet shows / Circus – Theatre and Others.

 Maximum: 06 People.
 Restricting the presence of any member whose participation isn’t entirely necessary for the performance of the play, such as: Managers, Producers, Assistant Director, Administrative Assistants, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Etc.

 Dance / Dance Theater /  Etc.

Maximum: 06 People.
Restricting the presence of any member whose participation isn’t entirely necessary for the performance of the play, such as: Managers, Producers, Assistant Director, Administrative Assistants, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Etc.

Air Theatre

Maximum: 06 People.
Restricting the presence of any member whose participation isn’t entirely necessary for the performance of the play, such as: Managers, Producers, Assistant Director, Administrative Assistants, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Etc.

Street Interventions  (Theatre or Dance)

 Maximum: 04 People.
  1.  No tourists will be allowed, every member of the delegation must have a function made clear in the Technical Guide enclosed.
  2.  No minors (under the age of 18) will be allowed.
  3.  It’s mandatory that every company brings their own Lighting or Sound Technician(s) depending on the complexity of the play. They should be counted among the maximum number of people given to each Application Category.
  4.  It’s mandatory to enclose the following to your application: Application Technical Guide, Press articles about the offered play, digital high resolution JPG format photos of the play, a brief synopsis of the play, a brief Curriculum (Resume) of the Company and each of the actors, plus a CD or DVD with a video recording of the whole play (2 copies). Those who don’t fill these requirements will be automatically excluded from the application/evaluation process.
  5.  The applicant groups must send with their application the COMPROMISE LETTER form,(enclosed to this document) with al due legal terms, signature of the director or legal representative, seals or stamps that guarantee your organization.
  6.  If selected using an author play, you must enclose a Certificate proving that you have the Rights of the play.
  7.  The Organizing Committee and the ANTIFAZ Theater Company will provide basic Lighting and Sound Equipment for each performance. Any more sophisticated element or expense shall be assumed by the company. It is recommended, if possible, to bring your own scenery, to maintain your design and quality. The organization will help and seek out the props you may require, according to the budgets set for it.
  8.  The organization will provide Accommodations (Hotel, Hostel or Community Lodge depending on the economic resources available), Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and Internal Transportation (picking you up and leaving you at Bus Terminal or Airport) for all of the artists attending the event.
  9.  Each group shall assume the traveling costs from and to their hometowns. And also, the cost of the things they bring (Scenery, Excess baggage, etc).''

  1.  Each group must be open to sharing their dance or theatrical experiences with their piers attending the festival, and the artistic community, offering free Workshops, Lectures, Forums, according to the previous schedule set by the Organizing Committee.
  2.  Evaluation will be qualified as a 001 to 100 percentage scale. Those who offer workshops in Acting, Dance, Make-up, Costume Design, Lighting or other, will add a 20% to their evaluation percentage. Those who decide to deliver these workshops FOR FREE to the community must take into consideration that: The teacher of the offered workshops (Local or Invited artists) must enclose his/her resume, photocopies of certificates or any diploma that accredits his/her competence and knowledge over the content to be taught. It is also important that the person in charge of the mentioned workshops must present his/her workshop proposal, his/her methodology of work, number of hours to work, number of participants, age of the attendees, etc.
  3.  Once you’re selected, you will receive a Formal Invitation to the 9°. Festival Internacional de Teatro y Danza ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2016 Letter. Also, the invited group must enclose a Responsibility Letter regarding Intellectual Property Rights, and in the case of foreign companies, an Official Support Letter from your Embassy or State Organism of your country, indicating that your participation in the “ 9° Festival Internacional de Teatro y Danza FINTDAZ 2016, will be non-profit”
  4.  Each selected group must do an Official Performance in the mainstage of  FINTDAZ (Hemicycle of the Municipal Theatre of Iquique *Outdoor Scenery), and two other presentation on Social Extension concept, this is to say that, Presentations for Students in a different timetable from the official one, or performances in the outskirts of Iquique in small towns or rural communities, where the audience rate can go from 5 to 200 people or more.
  5.  Your performance on the MainStage and in The Social Extensions mentioned above will be completely for free for the public.
  6.  The arrivals and departures will be scheduled, which means, each group must arrive to FINTDAZ 2016 according to the Arrival and Departure Program, set by the Organizing Committee which will be made according to the performances of each day. This schedule will be sent to the selected companies up to 90 days before the event.
  7.  The organization will take care of Lodging, Meals, and Internal Transport expenses since 1 day prior to the event, and until noon of the day after the event finishes. The pick-up or leaving you at the airport works on a group basis, if the company must leave one person at a time, extra expenses must be assumed by the company.
  8.  The International Theater and Dance Festival ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2016 DOES NOT ENVISAGE ANY KIND OF INSURANCE (accidents, deaths, robberies or others) so that, each group must anticipate and take responsibilities for such eventualities, which are beyond the will of the festival organizers.
  9.  Each group will receive a Commemorative Galvano, plus a Diploma for each member.
  10. The Organizing Committee has the right to award groups or artists for their development in their categories.

  1.  Beginning in the 9th edition of FINTDAZ (February Year 2016), the Organizing Committee will provide a single payment or Cache 3 Functions        $ 400,000 (Cuatrocientos Mil, Chilean pesos) or the equivalent in dollars.


IMPORTANT: Groups to contest applicants should send their background via E-mail to: Mr. Abraham Sanhueza Lopez, Director and Executive Producer, 9th. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE AND DANCE / FINTDAZ 2016. Iquique, Tarapacá Region, Chile, Telephone 56 (Cod.Chile) 57 (Cod Iquique), 221 533, email:,<>,<>

IMPORTANT: The reception of the background will be from (Second Call)  September 15 to December 15, 2014. (Groups Local, National and International). The selected groups will be informed of the election until 90 days after the close of the call.


 Organizing Committee


Dance Europe - přehled volných míst
Na internetových stránkách časopisu Dance Europe je k dispozici přehled volných míst v oblasti tance, a to především z Evropy. Stejně tak je možné zde umístit své vlastní oznámení.

Blíže viz

Kontakt: Auditions Dance Europe, P. O. Box 12661, London E5 9TZ, UK, E edit(at)


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