Special Edition 2019 - Dance and Movement Arts in Czech Regions

The theme of the second issue, to be launched in October 2019, is “Dance and Movement Arts in Czech Regions.” The Taneční aktuality editorial team have focused on cultural life outside the capital - the venues, festivals and personalities who cultivate ballet, contemporary dance, pantomime, new circus and crossover genres in the local regions. Such content is supposed to increase the readers’ awareness of cultural events across the country and thus encourage audience mobility. The 2019 issue will be bilingual (Czech and English), so it can serve to international promotion of Czech art in regional centres.

The coordinator of the project, Petra Dotlačilová, explained: “It was quite difficult to choose from the variety of events taking place in the field of movement art throughout the Czech Republic – it only indicates how vital the scene is, even outside Prague. The texts often show the positive development in the quality and quantity of dance creations, the increasing interest of spectators and the drive of those people who have merit in the cultivation of art in the local regions,”
Special Edition 2019 is completed with the traditional overview of the past season in the domains of ballet, contemporary dance, new circus and nonverbal theatre.
Via Czech Centres, Special Edition 2019 will travel to 22 countries around the world.