Taneční aktuality - Special Edition

Taneční aktuality’s Special Edition is a print magazine containing new original texts (in Czech with English translation) that have not been published on Taneční website nor in any other media. It is a young edition; the first issue was published in September 2018. Special Edition has replaced Taneční aktuality’s Yearbooks. It is available at certain publishers and shops (see list below).


Taneční aktuality Monthly

Read Taneční aktuality even when you are offline!

Taneční aktulity Monthly unites all original texts that have been available on Taneční aktuality website during the given month. Internet connection is not always reliable, so we have decided to offer you, our readers, an “offline” version of this edition. And of course, it is for free!

We want to protect our forests, so every month we give you the opportunity to download our texts in PDF to your e-readers, tablets, or computers. And if you still crave the scent of paper, you can print them.

Taneční aktuality Monthly were issued from July 2017 to June 2018.


Taneční aktuality Yearbook

Between 2007-2017, Taneční aktuality published an annual Yearbook, which digested the most important texts reflecting the past theatre seasons, and also included bonus texts which had not been published on the website.

If you want to buy a single issue of the Yearbook or the complete edition, contact us on All annual issues are available in PDF to be downloaded to your e-readers.


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