TA People

Daniela Machová (born Zilvarová)– Director of Taneční aktuality o.p.s.; communication with partners, marketing, funding, Dance Database manager

Josef Bartoš – Editor-in-Chief of Taneční aktuality, supervisor of the portal; communication with partners and authors, marketing, fundraising.

Petra Dotlačilová – Vice Editor-in-Chief, supervisor of the print publication Taneční aktuality - Special Edition; coordination of the web section ‘Articles’ (reviews, reports, interviews)

Lucie Hayashi (born Burešová) – Chair of the Management Board and founder of Taneční aktuality; editing of original texts, communication with partners

Natálie Erbesová – coordination of current news, communication with partners

Lucie Dercsényiová – editing and supervision of original texts, communication with partners

Jana Bitterová – coordination of the web section ‘Auditions and Opportunities’, ‘Workshops’, ‘Courses’, ‘Festivals’, communication with partners

Lenka Dobešová Trubačová – coordination of ‘Dance Calendar’ and ‘Contests’

Monika Štúrová (born Čižmariková)– coordination of texts in ‘Personalities and their anniversaries’

Lucie Štádlerová (born Břinková) – communication with partners, fundraising

Kristina Soukupová (born Durczaková) – communication with partners, English translation


External collaborators:

Graphic design: Adam David, Lenka Lautrbachová

Proofreading: Marie Hajdová

English translation: Tereza Cigánková