About us

Taneční aktuality is a non-profit organisation, currently shielding multiple projects. Its core activities include managing an established Internet portal Taneční aktuality.cz and publishing a print magazine called the Special Edition of Taneční aktuality. Since 2016 it has administered a countrywide on-line dance database which is available for free on www.databazetance.cz


About Internet portal Taneční aktuality.cz

Taneční aktuality has been present on the Czech scene since 2006. It is a highly-respected specialised medium focusing on dance and movement genres. Every day, new reviews, interviews and reports as well as original texts reflecting the current situation are published on www.tanecniaktuality.cz. On top of that, Taneční aktuality provides its readers with a compact news overview and a unique dance calendar with an outline of all dance and movement performances in the Czech Republic.

Taneční aktuality is an open platform whose aim is to enable wide discussions on dance and movement art in the Czech Republic. At present, there are ten permanent editors who collaborate with a wide range of external editors recruited among the experts in the field. The editorial staff grant space to students and those who are interested in writing practice in the field of dance and movement.


About Yearbook and Special Edition of Taneční aktuality

In 2018, Taneční aktuality’s editors began to publish a print magazine called Special Edition containing many attractive texts written exclusively for this edition - they are original texts that have not been published on Taneční aktuality website nor in any other medium. Special Edition is bilingual and thus accessible to English-speaking readers. Special Edition’s predecessor was the Yearbook – a publication digesting the most important texts of the season complete with bonus texts that had not been published on the website. This edition has been already closed, it was published from the 2006/2007 to 2016/2017 season. More information to be found here.


About Dance Database

Dance Database is one of Taneční aktuality’s sub-projects. It is an online database of dance subjects which was launched in 2016. On the website www.databazetance.cz you can find profiles of artists, theatres, companies, festivals, organisations, PR and production platforms related to dance and movement art. The website also features a listing of educational institutions (dance conservatories and universities, dance studios and dance schools) and a unique database of dance performances in the Czech Republic since 2007.

The portal is based on the principle of creating profiles upon completing registration forms. Every subject can present their activities free of charge. In the category ‘Events’, artists and other subjects or institutions can upload and search for information on workshops, seminars. conferences, residencies etc.