Blanca Siles Romero

Blanca Siles Romero

Blanca Siles Romero worked for 6 years in 5 different African countries in an International Organisation dealing with Migration and Development issues. She finally swapped into Cultural Management to join the team of Ecole des Sables, the mythic dance contemporary school in Senegal, in 2017 and in 2018, the team of Les Récréàtrales, the amazing theatre festival in Burkina Faso. Back in Spain in 2019, she finishes another degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and keeps on specializing in Dance Research within the framework of her Masters in Anthropology. 

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Clowns – Cruelty in the infinite ballroom

Hofesh Shechter’s Clowns premiered in 2016 and this adaptation on screen for BBC’s ‘Performance Live’ strand Program was released already in 2018 before any remote idea of dystopian viruses and lockdowns.