Emerging critics

Ensaio para uma cartografia - Is this Feminism?

The anecdote unfolds something like this: At the premiere of his Bolero, Ravel was surprised and somewhat annoyed by the enthusiastic acclamations his piece had received, crediting its success to the obsessive quality and sexual undertones of the work.

Heart Connection: a letter to Maria Nurmela

Dear Maria Nurmela, I watched the piece Closer to the Wild Heart, which you choreographed and performed, at this year’s KoresponDance festival in Žďár nad Sázavou. To my surprising delight… 

Three girls

Three girls sitting on the ground. Three girls exploring their memories. Surrounded by emptiness. Indulging in the impulses of their bodies. Rapid, then fluid. 

red against blue and

                                soft against rough   clashing views

                          of tin and greenery  

                hideous tubes and sumptuous plants

        arranged in a bizarre scenery