In Times of Corona, Visit a Lion’s Den

To engage with an online performance is no easy task for me; I miss the feeling of being with the dancers – and the dancers being with me. However, the recorded version of The Lion’s Den managed to grab me...

The Statement – Pite’s Moving Precision on Broken Moralities

Art is a reflection of the world we are living in, and an artist cannot create uninfluenced by their surroundings. This time Crystal Pite and Netherlands Dance Theatre bring a political theme to the table – both literally and metaphorically.

Paper Story - Laterna magika for the little ones

“Mummy, write that it was amazing!” urge both my children (4 and 6 years old), who I took with me as a litmus test for Paper Story – the first production by Laterna magika under new creative direction.

Demon from Malta

Those who keep a diary will have most certainly made an entry upon their first post-pandemic visit to a theatre. What an event! The creatively minded of you may well have stuck in their ticket as a souvenir...

Let Us Make Greta Happy, Or It Is Time for Green Art

Last summer, following the then gradual loosening of many Covid-19 restrictions, when the turn came for culture, there was a production titled Greta featured on the summer scene of VILA Štvanice.