The Visitors - The Macras’ Slasher Musical Show

While Italy's football team lost resoundingly, but not unexpectedly, against Switzerland, renowned Berlin-based choreographer Constanza Macras brought an engaging and emotional show back to the stage of the Volksbühne. 

Zarhy’s Affect: Beyond the Binary of Ausencia and Presencia

Choreographer May Zarhy’s double bill directly tackles the theme of the 36th edition of Festival Danza Estate in Bergamo, Italy, which interrogates the roles presence and absence play in building spaces and relations in our time. 

Art Isn’t the Olympics

For years, I have made no secret of the fact that I dislike the identification of artists by nation of origin on posters and promotional materials. I get that certain funding applications demand international participation. 

Choreology – Past and Present 2024: Call for papers

The Institute for Choreology of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague announces a call for papers for an international conference Choreology – Past and Present.

Madrid en Danza Festival – Contemporary Issues and a Safe Bet

Every year, the month of May in Madrid is marked by the city’s largest festival, Madrid en Danza. Under the direction of Blanca Li, this year saw the 39th edition, featuring over twenty productions across various locations in the Madrid region.