Lucie Štádlerová

Lucie Štádlerová

Lucie Štádlerová has received her master’s degree in Deaf Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

She has been engaged in the world of dance since she was eight: at first only a dancer, she passed a three-year cycle of Teaching Rhytmical, Dancing and Motional Education at Brno’s Pedagogical Centre, which led to her teaching practice. She carried out her pedagogical and choreographic activities mostly in the Pernula Třebíč dance lab. She tutors adult beginners and pre-intermediates in Prague, too.

In 2010 and 2011, within the DEAFDANCE project, she was the head tutor and coordinator of dance courses for deaf children and students. The project culminated in the closing performance of “Tanec Na Zábradlí” (“Dancing on the Banister”), with the deaf dancers involved.

In 2007 and 2008 she was the head organizer of the Roztančená Třebíč festival, which aims at interconnecting diverse types of arts, organizes varied dance workshops and integrates variously handicapped children into motion.

She has been part of the Taneční aktuality editorial team since 2008 and, on occasion, has published her texts in the Pampam and Litenky – Literární novinky journals.

Texty autora

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