Marina Dubia

Marina Dubia

I work with flesh, bones, dust, institutions, words and their effects. Through performance, writing and other practices, I seek destabilization of ordinary perceptive routes, inquisitive observation and to untangle bodies from discourse. Often in relation, always animated by a joyous critical spirit. In June 2021, I graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where I took an MFA with Carla Zaccagnini at the School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices. In 2020, I took part in PACAP 4 - Advanced Programme for Performative Arts Creation, curated by João dos Santos Martins at Fórum Dança, Lisbon. Raised in São Paulo, I am currently wandering across Copenhagen and Lisbon.

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Heart Connection: a letter to Maria Nurmela

Dear Maria Nurmela, I watched the piece Closer to the Wild Heart, which you choreographed and performed, at this year’s KoresponDance festival in Žďár nad Sázavou. To my surprising delight…