420PEOPLE’s new show Panthera is inpired by The Sapiens book

Václav Kuneš.

Václav Kuneš.

Panthera, the latest production of the independent company 420PEOPLE, is inspired by the Sapiens book outlining the history of humankind. Choreographed by Václav Kuneš and set to music by Jan Šikl, Panthera will premiere on 10 and 11 September 2019 in La Fabrika, Prague.

“Out of so many kinds of people, why were we the one who survived? We, who like to call ourselves ‘masters of the Earth’, though we are destroying everything our predecessors have left for us? It is the central idea of the new production of Panthera.

“After making The Watcher, I still felt truly fascinated by the human body and its capabilities. Coincidentally, I got to read a book called Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind by the Israeli historian Y. N. Harari. I was struck by his theory saying that there had possibly been more than five different kinds of people living on our planet. We, the sapiens, are not even able to tolerate different skin colours or religions,” says Václav Kuneš, choreographer and artistic director of 420PEOPLE, as he explains what led him to the creation of a new piece.

“Last season, all our performances were accompanied by live music. Panthera will be different. The author of the music score is Jan Šikl with whom I’ve worked on several projects in the Czech Republic, Japan and Holland. His compositions remind me of film music which perfectly matches the concept of Panthera. Also, to have a score ‘tailor-made’ for you is just fantastic,” says Václav Kuneš and admits that he cannot imagine producing his recent premieres without Olo Křížová’s costumes and styling. “We get along very well and it’s important for me to know the designer puts the finishing touches on the costumes until the last moment and adjusts them to fit the final changes before the premiere.”

The sets have been designed by Hynek Dřízhal. According to Václav Kuneš, Dřízhal can move the theme to a whole new level and give the performers an opportunity to play with the scenography. which is rather rare. “He is happy, and I am too, that we can bring the stage to life,” describes Kuneš the well-functioning cooperation. In reply to my question, if Panthera uses any interesting props, Václav Kuneš says: “I don’t want to talk props yet, they will play an important role in the piece, but let yourself be surprised.”

Source: Art Institute – Theatre Institute and Czech News Agency

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