Ballet NdB: Summer ballet coctail 2019

Ballet NdB: Summer ballet coctail 2019

Ballet NdB: Summer ballet coctail 2019

After one-year absence, when Ballet NdB performed with Summer Ballet Cocktail in the historical courtyard of Špilberk Castle (30th August – 2nd September 2019), this year it returns to the space of the Bishop's Court. The Bishop's Court is one of the most enchanting places in the historical part of Brno and the genius loci of this courtyard with view of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a beautiful setting without any performance.

“And what about the Summer Ballet Cocktail 2019 of Ballet NdB? You can look forward to fragments from our classical and modern repertoire, which will gain a new, unseen dimension in the open air. But you can also look forward to presentation of realized projects and new choreographies,” say representatives of the National Ballet Brno.

Source: National Theatre Brno

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Summer ballet coctail

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