Call for papers for the new Dance Context Journal 2024: Dance in Public Space

After six issues of the Special Edition, Taneční aktuality is introducing a new format of its publication. Dance Context Journal, under the editorial leadership of Petra Dotlačilová and Zuzana Rafajová, is the direct successor to the Special Edition, providing a platform for popular science articles as well as scientific studies from the world of dance, non-verbal theatre, and new circus. There is now an opportunity for potential authors to submit their articles. The theme of the 2024 edition will be ‘Dance in Public Space’.

Hang Out (Eliška Brtnická). Photo: Kamil Hauptmann / MOVE Fest Ostrava.

Hang Out (Eliška Brtnická). Photo: Kamil Hauptmann / MOVE Fest Ostrava.

Dance is no longer – and in fact has never been – an indoor activity, confined to the walls of the theatre. The first expressions of dance in society probably took place in open spaces where communities came together. The choreographic element appeared within a religious context, at outdoor festivals and court festivities, and later during the 20th century, the concept of site-specific dance emerged within postmodern dance, bringing choreography into non-theatrical and outdoor spaces with which it could interact, spaces that were atypical for performance. At the same time, movement and dance are intrinsically linked to an expression towards the current affairs which take place within a public space – artists comment on social and political issues, raise topics for discussion, and express opinions.

We invite submissions of articles that address (but are not limited to) the following themes and approaches:

  • The relationship between dance and public spaces from theatrical (artistic) and social (anthropological), contemporary, and historical perspectives.
  • Site-specific projects and outdoor dance in general from the perspective of the artist and/or the viewer/passerby.
  • The transformation of a piece when moving from a theatrical to a non-theatrical/outdoor space and vice versa.
  • Politically and socially-attuned projects which comment on current issues.
  • A combination of the previous points: site specific with a political message (e.g. environmentalism, postcolonialism, feminism, racism, LGBT+ issues).
  • Dance at public festivals and shows (folklore festivals etc.).
  • Crowd movement in public spaces – e.g. the flash mob phenomenon.
  • The presentation of dance in public spaces (advertising, promotion).

Please send your abstract submission (150 to 300 words) and a short CV (100 words) by 15th of November 2023. When sending abstracts, please specify whether the article is intended for the first thematic section (popular science texts / essays) or the second thematic section (scientific articles).

Selected authors will be contacted by 15th of December 2023.

The deadline for submitting non-peer-reviewed articles is the 31st of January 2024.
The deadline for submitting peer-reviewed studies is the 15th of February 2024.

The full text of the open call can be found at the following link:

Hang Out (Eliška Brtnická). Foto: Kamil Hauptmann / MOVE Fest Ostrava.

Hang Out (Eliška Brtnická). Foto: Kamil Hauptmann / MOVE Fest Ostrava.

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