Czech Dance Database in English

The portal, which surveys the Czech professional and amateur dance and movement scene and provides basic information about the field, is now coming up with a novelty: it offers the full content of the Czech Dance Database in English.

Like its Czech counterpart, the English version of the site allows you to search for information about people and institutions in eleven categories, as well as create your profile or publish an event for free. All web site navigation, including registration forms or search filters, is thoroughly translated into English with respect to the needs of foreign readers.
"Our goal was primarily to facilitate the promotion of Czech artists abroad. Thus, foreign promoters can easily find information they need, for instance about ensembles and choreographers working in the Czech Republic," explains project coordinator Daniela Machová. The English version of the Czech Dance Database is also accessible to those who have just arrived (or stay temporarily) in the Czech Republic and do not speak Czech. For example, guest dancers can search for a workshop, a theater venue or inform the public about a performance or event they organize in the Czech Republic.
Jana Bitterová, the editor of the website, explains the current interface of the English version: "All records in the Czech Dance Database, which have in the two years of its existence exceeded the number of 500 entries, are now automatically copied from the Czech version to the English version. Basic information, such as contact info, type of organization or its specialization, is easy to find. However, we now invite all registered users to use the editing options of their English profiles and enter the translations of more extensive texts themselves."
The Czech Dance Database team believes that publishing information in English will greatly help foreign artists and readers familiarize themselves with Czech dance, pantomime, new circus and movement theater. As for the future, Daniela Machová says: "We have an idea of cooperation with already existing databases across Europe and, last but not least, we want to become a Czech model, or inspiration, for some more to come."

Czech Dance Database is run by Taneční aktuality o.p.s.

For more information about the project, contact Daniela Machová:
e-mail: daniela(at) / tel .: 736 539 400

Source: Czech Dance Database

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