Dance and audience in the center of attention of a new issue of Taneční aktuality – Special Edition 2020

For the third year in a row, the Taneční aktuality editorial staff has been preparing a printed bilingual Special Edition for you. While previous years commemorated "Czech Dance Anniversaries" (2018) or presented "Dance and Movement Art in Czech Regions" (2019), this year's theme is "Dance and Audience". As in previous years, the issue will be bilingual (Czech and English), as its aim is also to speak to the international dance community at home and abroad and to connect the Czech dance community with the European context.

Taneční aktuality – Special Edition 2020

Taneční aktuality – Special Edition 2020

The coordinator of the project, Petra Dotlačilová, explains the motivation for the theme: "The audience is one of the integral parts of theatre and this art form simply cannot exist without it. We may have become even more aware of this during the coronavirus pandemic, when the physical contact between the viewer and the artist was broken. On the other hand, the audience is often taken as such an automatic part of the theatre that their experience or role is still relatively little reflected. That's why in this year's Special Edition we decided to explore the relationship between dance and its audience from different perspectives."

The 2020 issue will thus present, for example, various forms of the so-called audience development of Czech festivals and theatre ensembles. It will also explore the potential of Czech dance to be politically engaged and specific forms of interactive work with the audience, from productions for children to those using the latest communication technologies. The authors will also present the dancers' views on the audience and their own viewer´s experience or expose the phenomenon of kinesthetic empathy that the spectator can experience in the auditorium.

Special Edition 2020 will be available in the network of partner bookshops, dance shops and theatres at the beginning of the new season, but you can order the issue online right now – you will get it as soon as arrives from the print centre, with 30% discount.

Daniela Machová, director of Taneční aktuality, adds: "By pre-sale, we want to offer a discount to our loyal readers, and at the same time make it easier for us to cover the costs already incurred with the preparation and publication of the Special Edition 2020. The coronavirus epidemic has also indirectly affected us and obtaining financial support for the publication is more difficult this year.”

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Source: Press release


Translated by Kristina Soukupová.

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AudienceTaneční aktuality - Special Edition 2020



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