FAiTH succeeds in Washington

Psychological thriller The Black Swan, American musical The Red Shoes and Czech choreographic piece FAiTH… The Washington Post has listed FAiTH, presented in the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, among the three most realistic introspections into the life of prima ballerinas.
The Tantehorse company performed its docu-dance FAiTH, when faith in art is stronger than life, in the Atlas Theatre in Washington on April 2016. This autobiographic piece created by the performer, director, and choreographer Miřenka Čechová, collaborating with the dancer and choreographer Andrea Miltner, is an introspective probe into the life of ballerinas, into the limitless faith into art and never-ending drill. Miřenka Čechová drew inspiration from her own experience of studies at the Dance Conservatory, but mainly from the life and tragic fate of her teacher and prima ballerina of the National Theatre Taťána Juřicová, who decided to end her life and jump out of a window. FAiTH premiered in January 2014 within the multi-genre festival Spectaculare where it was accompanied by the German jazz doom band Bohren und der Club of Gore.
FAiTH was presented in Washington at the annual Intersection festival featuring the DC artists across all genres and the Tantehorse company was the only international group there. Not by chance – in 2014 it was the Atlas Performing Arts Center that supported the creation of the piece and provided the residence space. Miřenka Čechová also participated in the panel discussion ‘Intersection Festival Featured Artists’ organised by the Atlas Performing Arts Center and The Washington Post and welcoming prominent personalities of the culture sphere such as the director and choreographer Deborah Riley, Executive Director of Dance USA Amy Fitterer, or Espinosa,” say the Tantehorse representatives.
Rebecca Ritzel, The Washington Post editor, listed FAiTH among the three most apposite works dealing with the life of ballerinas. From Moira Shearer in The Red Shoes to Natalie Portmen in the Black Swan – Hollywood loves tragic fates of prima ballerinas balancing on the edge of life and death. The confession about the life of ballerinas has never been so veracious, beautiful and strong as in FAiTH by the Czech performer Miřenka Ćechová.”

Source: Tantehorse

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