HAMU will host conference and debate over dance in czech cultural policy

HAMU will host conference and debate over dance in czech cultural policy

HAMU will host conference and debate over dance in czech cultural policy

On Monday 3 June 2019, the gallery of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU) will host a conference and debate named Dance in Czech Cultural Policy. The aim of this event is to define and denominate key issues in the dance field in its current state and find a possible consensus among experts on the essential points that could be later presented to the unions for strategy-making inside the cultural policy of Czech Republic.

“Currently, preparations of a new conception of strategies for cultural policy are underway, as well as collection of statistical data and analyses of the field’s needs, there are also voices calling for innovation and update of the current funding system for arts, and we are equally reconsidering the necessity and role of professional organisations. That’s why I find it vital to give space to the representatives of the field to define important steps that should be taken as new pillars of these conceptions,” explains the organiser of the conference, Lucie Hayashi.

The morning session will consist of three panels of short presentations dealing with the following topics: nation-wide versus regional cultural policy for dance, innovation of the system of funds for cultural subjects, and strategic measures for establishing better position of dance in the cultural policy of the Czech Republic. The presentations will be given by Jana AdamcováJana Bohutínská, Libor KasíkPetr KiškaYvona KreuzmannováJana NávratováAntonín Schneider, Adriana Světlíková and Roman Vašek. The afternoon session will include a round table debate over the key questions raised during the morning part of the conference. The event will be moderated by Jakub Deml who has recently moderated the discussions concerning the prospects of the professional organisation Vize tance.

“I hope the conference will help the notoriously disunited dance field reach a constructive agreement on the strategies that are necessary for achieving an equal position and respect of dance among other artistic genres in the cultural policy of the Czech Republic,” describes the event Lucie Hayashi, the secretary of the Dance Department of HAMU and editor of Taneční aktuality which co-hosts the conference. She also states that the fragmentation of opinions and no consensus on the key priorities is possibly something that prevents the field from pushing through the important points of the desired cultural policy programme for dance. Listening to each other and debating over the issues could have a great effect.

The minute programme and annotations of the conference talks will be published HERE.

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