Jatka78 celebrates 5th birthday

Bromace (Barely Methodical Troupe).

Bromace (Barely Methodical Troupe).

Jatka78 is entering this season in a festive manner. On 5 November 2019 it will be five years since the first Mše za duše (Mass for Souls) and the since the time the trial operation a new venue in Prague’s Market was launched. Gradually, it came to life with regular theatre performances, offering genres such as new circus, contemporary dance, theatre and regular productions for kids. Over the five years of its existence, Jatka78 has been visited by more than 250 thousand viewers who could observe the new alternative venue’s transformation into a European-level theatre.

For half a decade, the halls 7 and 8 of the Prague Market have been home to acrobats, actors and dancers. The space allows to make use of the generous height and depth of the stage, so inspiring for dancers. However, the protected historic building (that Jatka78 occupies based on a borrowing contract with the owner, Prague Municipal Office) also brings many limitations: “Jatka78’s final re-approval is underway. It is necessary for the space to conform to current standards, and so we do theatre and at the same we play a building company. We had to reduce the capacity of the auditorium and there are still many renovations ahead of us. We’ll try to carry them out without affecting the theatre’s day-to-day operation and mainly the performance schedule. Keep your fingers crossed!” says Štěpán Kubišta, the director of Jatka78.

Upcoming premieres
This season was meant to be opened on 1 October 2019 by a joint project of Cirk La Putyka and STK Theatre Concept. Due to health issues, the premiere has been postponed to 10 February 2020. Don’t Quijote, a piece balancing on the borderline between theatre, movement performance and puppetry, has been directed by SKUTR (Lukáš Trpišovský and Martin Kukučka). It stars the core artists of Cirk La Putyka, Rostislav Novák ml. and Jiří Kohout.

The second première is coming shortly after. The director Petra Tejnorová and her team Temporary Collective will present their new live cinema project Putinovi agenti (Putin’s Agents) On 8 October. Based on the journalist Ondřej Kudra’s novel, this one-man show (starring Petr Vančura) promises an experience oscillating between theatre and cinema.

Jatka78 is preparing a big comeback for 2020, re-inviting the Spitfire Company with their new work Prezidementi, scheduled for April 2020.

International guests
Since the very beginning, one of Jatka78’s main dramaturgical missions has been regular presentation of top international productions. Jatka78 thus indulges Czech audiences with real stars of new circus and physical theatre. This year, Jatka78 will host Barely Methodical Troupe. The rising stars of British acrobatics will present their signature show Bromace. The company mixes power acrobatics, cyr wheel, street parcour and breakdance. At 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the show was awarded the Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus.

2020 will also witness numerous guest performances. Following their previous residencies at Jatka78, the German group Strapmania will premiere their latest show in January. The company specialises in aerial acrobatics.

In March 2020, another resident will take the stage at Jatka. It is Manda Rydman, known to Czech audiences from the Analog company. Analog fans may remember Manda as a versatile acrobat. In her solo premiere, she will also demonstrate her comedy talent.

In April 2020, Prague will be hosting Belgium’s Collectif Malunés who have decided to stage their world premiere in the unconventional space of Skleněnka, which has already housed such productions as Nesnesitelná tekutost bytí (The Unbearable Liquidity of Being), directed by Víťa Neznal. This collective fuses the royal new circus disciplines, such as teeter board, cyr wheel, trampolines, floor and aerial acrobatics.

May 2020 belongs to the most-awarded production of this year’s Fringe Festival in Edinburg. Knot by the acrobatic duo Nikki & JD received the Total Theatre and Jacksons Lane Award for Circus at the festival. They were booked for Prague long before the presentation of the final awards.

In June 2020, Jatka78 will welcome again the Canadian company Barcode Circus Company (who gave three shows sold-out shows this spring) with the production of Sweat & Ink, created in co-production with our theatre.

Three nights directed by Rosťa Novák ml.
The celebrations of Jatka78’s 5th anniversary will culminate on 5 November with Mše za duše vol. 3 (Mass for Souls vol. 3). During this celebration of all the artists ever participating in Jatka78’s programme, several companies will share the stage to express their best wishes.

Rosťa Novák has also taken on the role of director of this year’s Mikulášká Jatka (St Nicholas Jatka). For the first time ever, during the two nights of 5 and 6 December, the devils will sharpen their teeth on adults, as later that nights, Jatka78 will throw a St Nicholas late night show for 18+.

Regulars of the repertoire also planning changes
In the 2019/2020 season, Jatka78 continue to collaborate with the satirical group Vosto5, the independent theatre 6-16 and Dekkadancers whose the third show for Médicins sans Frontiers is scheduled for this November. The Trick Brother will not be missing either, as they are planning to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a special edition of Season X. The play Amerikánka, directed by Viktor Tauš, will be restaged and recast for the new season.

The repertoire would not be complete without the Iranian Nassim Soleimanpoura’s White Rabbit Red Rabbit. Until the end of 2019, it will star David NovotnýKlára MelíškováMartin Hofmann Barbora Poláková. The last big project of this year is Up End Down Symphony (scheduled for December) in which Cirk La Putyka teams up with the Film Philharmony.

Source: Jatka78

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