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Masculine/Feminine. Photo by Pavel Hejný.

Masculine/Feminine. Photo by Pavel Hejný.

Premiere of Walking Mad in Petite Mort Evening
“The ballet Petite Mort marked Jiří Kylián’s first choreography in the repertoire. In the revival of the work after the reconstruction of the Janáček Theatre, the premiere features new choreography by talented contemporary choreographer, Johan Inger. Set to Ravel's Bolero, his most famous choreography to date, Walking Mad, is a symbolic journey on which we come face to face with our own fears, desires and the lightness of being. As such, Walking Mad is a great addition to the evening’s other exceptional works. Today’s most acclaimed choreographer, Jiří Kylián, is the creator of the superb work Petite Mort, a dance for six men, six women and six foils. Presenting their works alongside this master are choreographers for whom Jiří Kylián has been a great inspiration and who share common experience in the Nederlands Dans Theater under his leadership,” say representatives of the National Ballet Brno.

Besides Johan Inger, there is also the Slovak choreographer Lukáš Timulák in his Masculine/Feminine, in which he tackles some of the greatest mysteries of our everyday life with humour, and, as the name suggests, it’s all about the differences between the male and the female world. And the art director of the NdB Ballet, Mário Radačovský, who presents the work Spolu, a micro-story about victory and defeat, searching and finding, and the common joys and experiences that connect us with others.

Dance Brno 2019 - International dance festival of contemporary and classical ballet
7th May – 24th June 2019 (Mahen Theatre, Janáček Theatre)

This year's Dance Brno 2019 continues in last year's Dance Brno 100 and more than a quarter of a century in Brno featured festival Tanec Brno by Ballet NdB. The current year presents one of the leading Baltic groups, the Lithuanian National Ballet. The programme is completed by the Slovenian Ballet of the National Theatre in Maribor, the Italian contemporary dance ensemble Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, and as a Czech representative the audience can see the Ballet of the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice. Spectators can look forward to a varied program consisting mainly of neoclassical and contemporary choreographies.

International Dance Day 2019
Monday 29th April 2019 at the piazzetta in front of the Janáček Theatre

You can look forward not only to ballet, but also to modern dance, street dance, break dance and also to competitions for theatre tickets for Open Class participants and more. The celebrations will then continue with the performance Romeo and Juliet of Ballet NdB at the Janáček Theatre at 7 pm.

Time schedule:
15:30 - 16:00 - Open class registration (free)
16:00 - 16:45 - Open class with Ballet NdB
16:45 - 17:00 - Performance of Ballet NdB
17:00 - 17:20 - Performance of the Dance Conservatory Brno
17:20 - 18:00 - Performance of guests of Ballet NdB (B-Fresh and Bezmasacrew Dance Group) and awarding of the Painting of the Nutcracker

Source: National Theatre Brno

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