Open call for professional dancers

The POCKETART company in co-operation with Jaro Viňarský and Lucia Kašiarová with the support of Tanec Praha z.u. / PONEC – the dance venue are calling for professional artists for their new project with working title CORPORATE.

Open call for professional dancers

Open call for professional dancers

POCKETART company is a collective of choreographers and performers in a field of contemporary dance and physical theater. The collective had produced 9 performances in a past four years, which has been presented in Prague in the PONEC – dance venue, Venuse ve Svehlovce, Studio ALTA and Archa theater, abroad in Kenya, Lithuanina, Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia as part of festivals New Baltic Dance, Kenya International Theater Festival, OPUS 2017, NU dance fest, Malá Inventura, Nová Evropa – Cena Jarmily Jeřábkové 2017, TANEC PRAHA 2019, TANEC PRAHA 2020, 2021, Česká taneční platforma 2020 a 2021, BAZAAR festival, MOVE fest, Divadelní Flora Olomouc and others. The current repertory of the POCKETART company consists of The Lion`s Den, Treatment of Remembering, On the scale!, To the Madonna With Rust, The Lion`s Den UNLIMITED and the dance movie Folds of Touch. The Lion`s Den performance is part of the prestigious european selection Aerowaves Twenty21, it was part of the Czech Dance Platform 2021 a it has been chosen for the european project Shape It to adapt the piece for child audience. The performance Treatment of Remembering recieved The Czech Dance Platform 2021 Prize from the international jury and also the Audience Prize and it was selected in the Aerowaves Twenty22. The Lion`s Den UNLIMITED project was chosen into a short selection of european dance festivals Big Pulse Dance Alliance. The collective also recieved the First Prize of the Dance Actualities – Wild Card for the contribution to the czech dance scene in 2020.

For the new project with the working title CORPORATE, POCKETART company invited choreographers Jaro Vinarsky and Lucia Kasiarova to co-operate on the new creation. The project intends to deal with a position of a human in a system of the corporate work. In a group of seven dancers under the direction of choreographers we would like to investigate what kind of interpersonal relationships does this enviroment creates, what kind of behaviour must these people face in their collectives and what is the essence of this type of working structure. We are interested in this research in realm of dance and physical theater tools. Eventhough we feel that in a context of our current social situation this topic is serious, we would like to approach it with lightness and humor. That is also why we want to focus specially on the absurdity that the corporate work can reveal on the level of working activities and human relationships. We want to get inspired by stories from our close enviroment such as the courses of product destruction in Amazon in order to get a financial compensation from the insurance companies, forced entertainment during the teambuilding events, fake productivity and productivity for whatever it takes at the expense of the enviroment, etc. We belive that similar phenomena can be also recognized in the culture enviroment (pressure for the productivity of the artistic groups). During the proces of creation we want to get to a close contact with concrete individuals that work for the corporate companies and therefore to create a space for the voices of these people that must often face an absurd requirements at work. In the times when many people are forced to leave their proffesions due to the pandemic situation and the corporate megacompanies are a guaranty of the financial stability, we feel that it is important to engage in questions concerning a quality and a specific features of this type of working enviroment.

Creation team
Authors and creators: Johana Pocková, Sabina Bočková in co-operation with Jaro Viňarský, Lucia Kašiarova … and you? ☺
Music: Lukáš Palán

Production: POCKetART z.s
Co-production: Tanec Praha z.ú. / PONEC – divadlo pro tanec
With the support of: Studio ALTA, Czech Dance Platform 2021

Who are we looking for?
Professionals from the field of contemporary dance and physical theater, who would like to get involved in a collective creation process and they are availiable in a concrete dates of the creation.

Deadline for applying: 30. 11. 2021
First meeting/audition 3.12. 2021 od 11:00 – 16:00 in Studiu ALTA (Sokolovská 136/24, Karlín, 186 00) This will bet the first creative meeting, where we will get closer to the topic and we will also get to know each other. Jaro with Lucia will lead us through the first ideas, thoughts and images and inspired by that we will be moving together. It will be the first step of the creation process and from this experience we will choose the final team of performers for the new project. We would like to ask all the participants in advance to follow the hygiene measures. Thank you.

Creation proces in 2022
17. – 23. 01.
04. – 17. 04.
16. – 20. 05.
06. – 17. 07.
03. – 10. 11.
05. – 08. 12.
08. 12. 09. + 10. 12. PREMIERE | PONEC – the dance venue

The residencies of the project will be at: Komařice, Švestkový Dvůr Malovice, PONEC – the dance venue and other theater spaces in Prague.

Financial proposal
The estimated fee for a performer for the reherasal proces is : 35 000 – 40 000 CZK + 3 000 CZK for each performance. The first meeting (auditon) is not payed.

Are you interested?
Would you like to join us?
Contact us at:
Email subject: open call – pocketart


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