Premiere of Veronika Knytlová and Jiří Havelka’s project Garsonky

Garsonky (Martin Talaga, Veronika Knytlová). Photo by Jakub Hrab Archa Theatre.

Garsonky (Martin Talaga, Veronika Knytlová). Photo by Jakub Hrab Archa Theatre.

The premiere of Garsonky, a ”kitchen duet“ by Jiří Havelka and Veronika Knytlová, will take place on 22 September 2019 in the small hall of the Archa Theatre. The choreography has been created by Veronika Knytlová, Martin Talaga and Jindřiška Křivánková, and directed by Jiří Havelka. The two protagonists are Veronika Knytlová and Martin Talaga. The first reprise will take place the day after the premiere.

The synopsis of the new project reads as follows: Everyday rituals. Quick, efficient, mechanic moves. They are neither beautiful nor special. There are no championships in these moves though there is a thousand ways how to put a glass on a table. We have extracted them from the household context and created a highly concentrated stage substance, lived in each and every moment of “now” for the everyday life purposes in the complicated world full of cruelty and tenderness, unreal conditions and real threats, in the world full of paradoxes.”

Source: Mind Move

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