Reflections on Dance Writing

Open panel discussion will take place 24th April in Prague and online. What is the status of a dance critic in Europe, what are the conditions, obstacles and pleasures of dance writing? What does dance writing mean to the development of dance?

Reflections on Dance Writing

Reflections on Dance Writing

"There are many other questions that come up while we think of dance writing. Let's open these issues publicly and talk about the common points internationally. We believe that dance deserves good dance writing and this debate could help to improve it", the organisers of the event add.

For 2022, Czech Dance News and Tanec Praha agreed to share their experiences from organizing Dance Writing workshops and seminars during last year. With our partners Performing Arts Globally and Springback writers we plan an Open panel discussion session on the occasion of Czech Dance Platform, that will run 24-27 April 2022 in Prague. 

The discussion will take place on Sunday 24 April at 2pm Prague time, and it will last approx. one and a half hours. The host Lucie Hayashi invites five dance critics and leaders of writing seminars: Sanjoy Roy, Emily May, Anette Therese Pettersen, Hild Borchgrevink and Petra Dotlačilová. The debate will be streamed as a webinar and we expect to get feedback also from several emerging dance writers - former seminar attendees - who will be in the audience.

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