Romeo and Juliet to the 80th anniversary of Brno World Premiere

Romeo a Juliet. Photo Kuba Jíra.

Romeo a Juliet. Photo Kuba Jíra.

Prokofiev’s ballet drama Romeo and Juliet had the world premiere in the National Theatre Brno in 1938 choreographed by the legend of the Brno ballet Ivo Váňa Psota. The new premiere is held at the Janáček Theatre on 8 March 2019. The current release will be the seventh premiere of this production since 1938. Shakespeare’s drama in its dancing version is very popular, and many renowned choreographers have created legendary productions throughout the world to this day. The reason why can be found not only in the topic of a tragic love, but also in the wonderful music by Sergei Prokofiev, which is considered one of the most beautiful ballet opuses ever.

“And our new production? It is classical in its content. It is a story of youth, the first flare and passion. The story of the danger of blind ideals, of a duel of dream and reality, about the weight of social conventions and the immortality of desire and love. But the intention of the creators is to process the original into the dance-contemporary shape, resonant with a taste of today’s ballet audience,” say representatives of the National Ballet Brno.
Artists of the middle generation cooperate on the Romeo and Juliet project. They joined their forces on works several times in the past. Three Slovak artists, Mário Radačovský as a choreographer, Alexandra Grusková as a costume designer, and Marek Hollý as a stage designer recently met together by the production of the world premiere of the dance version of the West Side Story. They all are active artists working in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad. For Romeo and Juliet, they will be joined by the Czech director Martin Glaser, whose contribution to the concept of musical drama will be crucial. “It is not customary for a choreographer to take a director for a ballet performance. In this case, it is an intention that will contribute to a progressive view of Shakespeare's drama in dance and promise to increase the artistic quality of the production and interpretation of the work,” say representatives of the National Ballet Brno.

Source: National Theatre Brno


Romeo a Juliet. Photo Kuba Jíra.

Romeo a Juliet. Photo Kuba Jíra.

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