Studio Alta to focus on performance art in a new programme cycle

Studio Alt is going to present a new programme cycle in 2021 focused on performance art. The aim of the cycle is to provide continual presentation of male and female artists as well as to cultivate the genre of performance art and share different approaches to making art within diverse artistic communities.

Studio Alta to focus on performance art in a new programme cycle

Studio Alta to focus on performance art in a new programme cycle

Since its foundation, Studio ALTA has been systematically supporting artists throughout the creative process and artistic research and continued these activities after it moved to a new space in spring 2020. The building of Invalidovna, where ALTA is currently based, provides various rehearsal spaces which might inspire artists and creators to experiment and search for diverse approaches to the genre of performance art. It is one of the reasons why the Studio, in cooperation with curators Petr Dlouhý and Antonín Brinda, has  prepared a new dramaturgical line for the year 2021 called Studio Performance Art.

“Performance art as a specific and inherently marginal medium has a very limited representation of the Czech artistic scene. Studio Performance Art (SPA) aims to create a solid platform which will allow to cultivate the genre of performance art and provide artists with creative opportunities and theoretical reflection of their work. The abbreviation SPA (like a wellness centre) indicates that the programme will emphasise mutual care and the purifying and cathartic effects of art and personal meetings,” explain the curators.

From March to December 2021, Studio ALTA will launch one public event per month within the SPA project – a lecture, discussion, performance or an artistic situation. The aim is to explore a medium which is perceived as either obscure and marginal or, by contrast, as elite and hardly accessible. “We want to bust the “myths” about performance art and present this art form as a complex genre merging theatre and visual art.” say the curators. Apart from presenting individual artists, the curators want to cultivate the environment in which creators work. The cycle will also include a call addressed to young curators which  to ensure even distribution of decision-making privileges (who and how will be presented). This will allow for an open and more accessible dialogue inside the artistic community.

The first public event will take place on 10 March 2021 – an online performance and discussion on Performance and Education, featuring artists and teachers Barbora Klímová and Jennifer DeFelice. The next event, dedicated to long-durational art/performance, will be held on 7 April and joined by Matěj Frank.


Source: Studio Alta


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