Taneční aktuality unveils its new logo

The Internet server Taneční aktuality unveils its brand-new logo designed by Jan Poledňák. It will be officially used as part of the website’s new look from the start of the 2018/2019 season. More than twenty graphic designers and studios have participated in the new logo contest, and the editors, media partners and Taneční aktuality fans - who supported last year’s crowd-funding campaign on Hithit - have voted for the final version.

The logo was chosen in late 2017 and over the following months it was modified according to the instructions of the team supervising the website’s design. “We’d been taking the courage for a complete make-over for a long time, but then we agreed that we needed some ‘fresh wind in our sails’. The basic requirement was to create a link to the old logo which eventually mirrors in the colour design. The search for the new logo took almost a year. During that time, we saw plenty of designs out of which we chose Jan Poledňák’s one. And soon we will reveal the brand-new graphic design of Taneční aktuality to our readers” says the editor-in-chief, Josef Bartoš.
The website’s graphic design as well as the new logo are based on simple lines, purity and minimalism. Barbora Truksová shares more details about the logo she has also helped to develop: “In the new distinct logotype we can find waves – a symbol of dance - and contrasting straight lines which refer to dance journalism. The effect of ‘moving’ is supported by the optical illusion created by the waves. But there might be other meanings – a physical representation of eternal movement, the act of ‘here and now’, maybe the wave of a curtain… and besides that there is the ever-present dance journalism providing reflection and feedback. This is the central motif of our new logo – fresh and minimalist – we bring with us to the new era of our portal.”

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