The 7th Edition of Bazaar Festival Asks: Are We The Landscape?

It is a pressing matter that has permeated the past decades. The more up-to-date than ever it may be in this coronavirus-stricken time. Our Mother Nature. How does this theme pervade the world of art and how do innovative independent artists of the Central and Eastern Europe respond to it? The 7th edition of the Bazaar Festival of Performance and Dance, which will be held in Prague from the 27th to the 30th of August, poses a question: Are we the landscape?

The 7th Edition of Bazaar Festival Asks: Are We The Landscape?

The 7th Edition of Bazaar Festival Asks: Are We The Landscape?

"Central and Eastern European countries are not typically counted as trailblazers in the fight against climate change or local environmental crises. Therefore, it may appear surprising that contemporary dance and theatre artists based in this location concern themselves about these issues with ingenuity and verve. Their point of view and rendition of this topic and also factual issue is what we would like to present to audiences in the frame of our festival this year. We remain hopeful that, after the last year’s online edition, at long last, we will be able to meet in person and not only watch, but also passionately discuss with both artists and scientists invited to participate," says the festival’s dramaturge and artistic director, Ewan McLaren.

The festival opening, which will occur on Friday the 27th of August in Divadlo X10, will be dedicated to an experimental theatre ensemble of Saint Petersburg, AKHE Engineering Theatre. What is humanity willing to undertake in the name of democracy? What are we prepared to give up? Three men, three barrels, three loaves of bread, and a swan song of today’s world in the production entitled Democracy.

The dance highlight of today’s edition will be an artwork of a Polish choreographer and performer, currently based in Berlin, Agata Siniarská. Her You Are Safe dismantles the stereotypical image of the Woman-Creatress. Three women redefine woman’s body and counter notions of its objectification. Its landscape imagery in between the living and the dead as well as poetical faunal and floral apparitions are to be seen on the 28th of August in the PONEC Theatre.

There were to have been the highlight of the last edition, which is why they cannot be missing from the programme of this summer’s Bazaar Festival: Slovenian artists Leja Jurišić & Marco Mandić will get together in Prague at long last. Together is always variable in direct response to its surroundings. The six-hour-long performance of this Slovenian duo will be held live in Prague, where it will occupy the spacious garden of Studio Alta on the 29th of August.

"Of course, the traditional Saturday Bazaar, which has been the heart and soul of the whole festival since the very beginning, cannot be absent from the programme. There will be presentations of scenical works in progress also in the garden of Studio Alta. For the first time ever, a part of the programme will take place outdoors. The summery date is equally untraditional, but we have intended to do our level best to avoid another online edition and, at last, meet in physical places, to which the theatre truly belongs," adds festival coordinator Lucia Šimášková.

Source: Bazaar Festival


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