The Kylián Fund Prague and The Open Day of The Kylián Dance Archive

The Kylián Fund Prague invited professionals, friends and dance aficionados to the open day of  the Kylián Dance Archive. The meeting took place on Friday, January 12th, 2018, in the premises of the HAMU library at Malostranské náměstí, where the archive is located.

The Kylián Fund Prague was founded with the support of the Netherlands-based Kylián Foundation as an independent Czech organization with an international presence. The founder and director of the organization is Nataša Novotná, dancer and choreographer, who used to work under the artistic direction of Jiří Kylián at the Nederlands Dans Theater.
The Fund is built upon the legacy of the world-famous choreographer Jiří Kylián, it is independent of state institutions, obtaining funds instead from private sources, which are then directed towards the development of contemporary dance and other related fields. The Kylián Fund Prague encourages and participates in the creation of new dance and dance-related projects; it connects professionals and the public and facilitates the exchange of ideas and putting of these ideas into practice; it also promotes education, dissemination, and development of the dance field,“ the representatives of the Kylián Fund Prague claim.
The main objectives of the fund are therefore based on three pillars: production support, education and development of dance and archiving and distribution of dance materials. This goal is realized primarily via the Kylián Dance Archive, formerly known as the Kylián Dance Center and Library, the existence of which (although in a different form) in the Czech Republic dates back to the 1990s and that was later taken over by the fund. The archive collections are accessible both to the professionals and the general public all year round and include documentation of Jiří Kylián's work as well as materials from the entire dance world, with more than 3000 videos, nearly 3000 Czech and foreign books, magazines and other archive materials. More information is available at
Visitors to the Open day were acquainted with the archive premises and the possibilities of looking up and studying archive materials, they also obtained information on the current activities and future plans of the Kylián Fund Prague and watched Kylián's film Scalamare.

Source: The Kylián Fund Prague

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