Věra Ondrašíková and Ikue Mori are scheduled to cooperate in the 8th instalment of Prague-New York Effects

Czech dancer and choreographer Věra Ondrašíková and American musician Ikue Mori performed together on December 1st, 2017 at the Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan. On December 11th, 2017 they are going to perform in front of Czech audiences at Prague's Palác Akropolis. The Czech Center New York and Palác Akropolis thus conclude the two-year Prague-New York Effects project, bringing together established Czech and American artists.

"For the eighth time in New York, Czech and American art scenes have creatively joined forces. Prague-New York Effects provide well-established artists from both the Czech Republic and the United States with an opportunity to spend about a week at the Bohemian National Hall, resulting in a unique joint performance in both countries," says Barbara Karpetová, Director of the Czech Center in New York.
The seven previous effects have been presented not only in New York and Prague, but also in Washington D.C., Pilsen and Ostrava. Prague-New York Effects are part of the Thomas M. Messer Bohemian Creative Hub project. While "Effects" serve exclusively as a platform for established artists, Open Call New Bohemia is open to emerging artists up to 30 years of age. They have the opportunity to present their works twice a year in the gallery and cinema of the Czech Center New York. The third branch of the Bohemian Creative Hub consists of educational workshops and workshops that artists prepare for the general public on both sides of the Atlantic.
The Prague-New York Effects project was launched in February 2016 by singer Lenka Dusilová and dancer and vocalist Tendayi Kuumba. The second effect brought together choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the National Theater Ballet in Prague, Petr Zuska and multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and dancer Jen Shyu. The third effect brought on the stage actress and singer Helga Davis and dancer and choreographer Jiří Bartovanec. The fourth effect brought together dancer Tami Stronach and magician of multimedia compositions Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex. The fifth one brought together composer Petr Bakla, pianist Joseph Kubera and the string quartet Momenta Quartet. The sixth effect led to the collaboration of composer Michal Rataj and the violin duo String Noise. The most recent, seventh effect was a stand-up comedy style performance by Miřenka Čechová, Robert Janč and Quentin Heggs.

Source: Art Frame Palác Akropolis, s.r.o.

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