Master-choreographer Pavel Šmok

Master-choreographer Pavel Šmok

Master-choreographer Pavel Šmok

With deep grief and sorrow the Department of Dance and the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague has received the news that the much admired and honoured heart of our Master-choreographer, professor Pavel Šmok, ceased to beat forever. The incredible importance of Šmok’s choreographic and directorial work remains a precious artistic treasure. His work has been a source of admiration and inspiration for many years and further gathering and evaluation of Pavek Šmok’s legacy are certain to become inexhaustible sources of artistic impulses in the future development of not only Czech dance and ballet. On behalf of the Department of Dance, all the current and former colleagues, teachers and graduates, I can state with all my heart that we were lucky enough to receive the attention of Pavel Šmok the teacher, exceptional artist and remarkable personality. Together with a great number of dancers in Czech and foreign ensembles, we had many unforgettable opportunities to “be with him” and listen to him sharing his priceless experiences, opinions, wit and wisdom. His ideas and attitudes could inspire, encourage, make laugh and answer many questions concerning the professional world, choreographic creation and approach to individual talents. Meeting the Master Pavel Šmok is never to be forgotten and it will stay forever in our memories. But the bright spirit of this great personality – choreographer, teacher, expert and adviser – lives and will live in the minds of the students, dancers, teachers and choreographer FOREVER indeed! Author: Václav Janeček, Head of the Department of Dance, HAMU Translation: Tereza Cigánková

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